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How to be a great you tuber

great youtuber

How to be a great you tuber

You tubing is a popular way of establish your talent and yourself. Now a days this is very popular. I will introduce how you can make your YouTube experience more and better. You tubing is a creativity. You can earn money and also name from it. You can create more and more innovative video for your viewers. I will help you and also give suggestion for a happy you tubing.


Be more positive towards your works

The most important thing is be positive to your work. Show positive attitude to your viewers. You know you have many competitors in this sector. You should also show them positive things. Competition is good but wrong competition is not good for your channel and also viewers. Never use any wrong words for others in your video. It dost not mean you cannot raise your words against wrong thing. You can do it, but do not use it for only competition. You should treat your others competitors respectfully. Take advantage when other trying to bring you down. In that time you should show more positive things that will helpful for increase your followers.

Try to comment other users work


For spreading your positivity try to comment, like and subscribe others channel and works. It will be helpful for you truly. If you like any video try to comment in this why you like it to see. Others will see your comment and also they will appreciate you for your work.


Decide that what type of content you want to create for your views

This is big decision. When you open an account in YouTube then they will give you a channel. You have to upload content there. It is a big decision. So take it very seriously and take decision wisely. First of all you need to research what types of content are most popular. Then you should decide what you will do. If you have any special talent as like singing, dancing you should work on it. You should create video on these content.


Display a future video on front page

If you already have many videos, you should chose a feature video that will give your viewers that what type of channel it is. This video should give a clear concept about your thinking. Please be sure this video should not be more than 3 minutes. Long video is boring for the viewers. You can also create a special feature video for your front page in your channel.


Create playlist for your uploading videos

For new viewers you need to create playlists. If you have enough videos on your channel create a playlist. Create an order for old videos. Every video should have a common theme in your every video. Please keep it on your mind that organize your videos in reverse chronological order. Keep your oldest video first.


Answer all the comments of your viewers

As usual when you post anything people will like it and also will comment on your contents. It these all carefully and trying to answer these all very politely. If negative comment come please do not lose your temper keep calm. When your channel will growing up it will be difficult to answer every comment. Then take other one help who will help you to reply these comments.


Always remember that for whose you creating these all

Please work for your viewers never forget them. If you are a YouTube celebrity never forget that who are the cause of your this fame.


The main important thing is try do doing the thing what is you love. Because loving thing is always great for everyone.


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