Top 5 Online Note Keep Protect Your Important Things

best online notepad

Best online notepad

Technology has given us so much advantage that choosing one of these services is confusing. Many of us today use the online note tool for research and hand note creation and idea gathering. Although many of us are well aware of its proper use and quality, many are still confused, which one is chosen. Below is the review of the seven excellent Note Making Tools –

Ever note

Evernote’s popularity in online note-taking tools.  A unique feature is its Drug-Drop Desktop version, allowing you to access and access your notes and clips offline.
And if you are a user of Windows Mobile or iPhone, then it’s more fun, you can save photos from your phone or record audio/video and send it to your Ever note account. And you can send anyone with any help from Ever note to send a secret e-mail address.

Google Note

As much as Google’s technology is, the lesser it will be. Some of the exciting features of Google’s Notes include integration with multiple user alarms, publishing features, Google bookmarks.

Besides, the unfold bookmark is a feature that will be in your sidebar, allowing you to see what the URL has saved. With the help of star buttons, you can make quick clippings of web pages. And finally, you can integrate with your Google Doc account.


Uber noteIt’s just like Google Note, But it is enjoyable is that it runs in Ajax, and with its help feature, you can easily access all your notes. With its online dashboard feature, you can clip your work online.

Spring Note

Spring Note is an online open ID active, which is a unique feature of this tool. It cannot be used generally in small notes and online clipping. With this help is used for taking big size notes such as thesis paper etc. And this feature distinguishes the tool. With Sprint Note’s editing feature and much more interesting, you can create notes in different plugins and add video and audio to your notes. With this, you can share your notes with your friends and also tune in on blogs.


Web Assist Note

With this help, you get a unique feature to attach your note. So you can organize your notes in different folders and share those folders with your contact list. The other feature of this is that you can add audio and video, separate contact, mail, project, issue tracker, and support cart.


This is a personal wiki note. This wiki feature gives you easier creative writing tips. You can attach your files to your wiki and share it with your friends. Two of the features of Automatic Saving and Revision Tracking is fabulous. Once you have finished your wiki, you can download it. For this reason, I noticed that this notebook was strong enough to integrate Word and Saints with a note with another note with the help of a hyperlink.


Seat kitSeat kit is a smart tool in terms of web techies. It will pick up specific terms from your note, and your to-do list, calendar, contacts, bookmarks, and tag lists will be arrayed.

It has a bookmark in Firefox and Safari for quick web clipping. If you are a fan of Internet Explorer, then you can click on the menu option and find your work items.

That is all for today. Hopefully, these tools will make your life more and more accessible and comfortable.

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