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Artificial Intelligence Textbook: Why need a good Textbook?

Artificial Intelligence Textbook

An artificial intelligence textbook provides guidelines to readers who have interests. Reading books is a good habit, no doubt. Movies related to artificial intelligence are prevalent nowadays. But, to increase knowledge, one should read an excellent manual. It is a branch of computer science, and it has a big field. So, people can choose any AI textbook according to their interests.

Artificial Intelligence


Why is a good Artificial Intelligence Textbook necessary?

If anyone needs in-depth knowledge of anything, then a textbook is essential. To clear a specific concept, to enhance thinking capabilities, we should read books. Besides, it is necessary to choose a good writer’s book.

A resourceful AI textbook helps to create experts. Face recognition, internet search, chatbot supports etc. are famous inventions of AI. Again, many types of research are still running. Researchers need more studies to upgrade technology. Supports of good books can lead the professionals to the right path. Thus, super AI can bring more wonder in the world of invention. So, a good book matters indeed.

Artificial Intelligence Textbook for Beginners

People give priority to AI in the modern world. Students want to study in this field and take it as a career. Here are five popular names of AI textbooks for beginners:

  1. Artificial Intelligence: 

-An Essential Beginner’s Guide to AI,

-Machine Learning, Robotics,

-The Internet of Things,

-Neural Networks,

-Deep Learning,

-Reinforcement Learning and Our Future

Writer – Neil Wilkins

  1. Artificial Intelligence – A Modern Approach By 

Writer– Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig

  1. Artificial Intelligence By Example

Write – Denis Rothman

  1. Make Your Own Neural Network

Writer- Tariq Rashid

  1. Machine Learning for Dummies

Writer- John Mueller and Luca Massaron

Artificial Intelligence Textbook: Science Fiction

Name of ten popular fiction books are-

  1. A Closed and Common Orbit

by Becky Chambers – 2016

  1. 2001: A Space Odyssey

by Arthur C. Clarke – 1968

  1. Ware Tetralogy

by Rudy Rucker – 1982

  1. I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

by Harlan Ellison – 1967

  1. The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress

by Robert A. Heinlein – 1966

  1. The Diamond Age

by Neal Stephenson – 1995

  1. All Systems Red

by Martha Wells – 2017

  1. The Lifecycle of Software Objects

by Ted Chiang – 2010

  1. Queen of Angels

by Greg Bear – 1990

  1. The Golden Age

by John C. Wright – 2002


Artificial Intelligence Textbook: Famous QuotesArtificial Intelligence Textbook


  1. “It seems probable that once the machine thinking method had started, it would not take long to outstrip our feeble powers… They would be able to converse with each other to sharpen their wits. At some stage, therefore, we should have to expect the machines to take control.”

-Alan Turing

  1. “The coming era of artificial intelligence will not be the era of war, but be the era of deep compassion, non-violence, and love.”

-Amit Ray, Pioneer of Compassionate AI Movement.


  1. Calling for AI Regulation

“The real question is, when will we draft an artificial intelligence bill of rights? What will that consist of? And who will get to decide that?”

Gray Scott

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