The Proud Twelve Moonwalkers of Earth

astronauts on the moon

Astronauts on the Moon

NASA sent the first astronauts on the Moon 51 years ago. It was the human’s first step to visit another planet. Apollo 11 lunar mission took place in 1969 and created a proud history. After the first successful mission, five lunars carried astronauts on the Moon till 1972. A total of twelve American people have walked on the Moon. 

Astronauts on the Moon: Apollo 11 Mission

There were three people in the first mission of Apollo. The first men who landed on the Moon are Neil A. Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Michael Collins was the third man in that spaceflight. He flew around the Moon when Neil and Aldrin landed on the Moon.

First Man among the Astronauts on the Moon

Neil A. Armstrong had achieved the place of the first man on the Moon. This legend born on 5th August 1930. He was a test pilot in the Navy and a university professor. Besides, by profession, he was an aeronautical engineer.

Neil served in the Navy for three years. Afterward, he remained in reserve for eight years more. In 1955, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics recruited him as a test pilot. NACA later evolved into NASA and finalized him for the Gemini program. He was the commander of Gemini 8 and the Apollo 11 mission. The first man on the Moon died on 25th August 2012.

Second Man among the Astronauts on the Moon

Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr. was the second man on the Moon. This legend born on 20th January 1930. He was a mechanical engineer. From 1951, Buzz started to serve for U.S. Air Force. Besides, the American hero took fighters training. During the Korean War, Buzz flew 66 combat missions. He achieved his Ph.D. degree from MIT.

In 1963, NASA selected Buzz for group 3 of astronauts. He got the second seat in the spaceflight of Gemini 12. During the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, Buzz was the Lunar Module Pilot. He was the only human who performed a religious ceremony on the Moon. This fearless man suffered from mental illness and recovered with treatment later. The second man on the Moon is one of the living astronauts.

Astronauts on the Moon: Apollo 12 Mission

Apollo 12 took place on 14th November 1969 and ended on 24th November 1969.

Commander: Pete Conrad

Command Module Pilot: Dick Gordon

Lunar Module Pilot: Alan Bean

Astronauts on the Moon: Charles “Pete” Conrad and Alan Bean

Astronaut Pete Conrad (2nd June 1930- 8th July 1999) was a football lover. The man earned his degree in Aeronautical Engineering in 1953. Conrad took fighter training and became a fighter pilot in U.S. Navy in 1954. NASA chose him from the astronaut group 3 in 1962. Afterward, he performed the role of commander in Gemini 11. The best thing came in 1969, and the proud man flew to the Moon.

Alan LaVern “Al” Bean (15th March 1932 –26th May 2018) was an American man. In the year 1955, he received Aeronautical Engineering degree. He joined the U. S NASA in 1950. Then in 1963, NASA selected this talent. Bean was the fourth person to walk on the Moon.

Astronauts on the Moon: Apollo 14 Mission

Apollo 14 started its’ journey on 31st January 1971 and came back on 9th February 1971.

Commander: Alan Shepard

Command Module Pilot: Stuart Roosa

Lunar Module Pilot: Edgar Mitchell


Astronauts on the Moon: Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell

The full name of Alan Shepard was Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr. (18th November 1923 –21st July 1998). He was the first American who visited space in 1961. This man was a test pilot, businessman, and Naval service holder. In 1959, NASA Mercury Seven chose Shepard as an original member. He suffered from inner-ear ailment and couldn’t serve in first crewed Project Gemini. During the Apollo 14 mission, he made possible the most accurate landing. This astronaut was the first man to receive the rank of “Real Admiral.”

Edgar Mitchell (17th September 1930 – 4th February 2016) was the sixth moonwalker person. He achieved two bachelor’s and an Sc.D. degree. Before joining NASA in 1966, he was a test pilot and Navy officer.

Astronauts on the Moon: Apollo 15 Mission

On 26th July 1971, the spaceflight of Apollo 15 mission landed on the Moon near the mountains. The task completed on 7th August 1971. 

Commander: David Scott

Lunar Module Pilot: James Irwin

Command Module Pilot: Alfred J. Worden

Astronauts on the Moon: David Scott and James Irwin

David Scott (6th June 1932) is the first living commander of Lunar’s Apollo missions. Earlier in life, he was an air force pilot. Later, in 1963, NASA chose David to work for them in group 3. The members of the Apollo 15 mission used Lunar Roving Vehicle for the first time.

James Irwin (17th March 1930) was an engineer and test pilot. In 1966, he started the NASA career. During Apollo 15 mission Irwin got heart problems. This fearless man had a heart attack when he moved to the earth. On 8th August 1991, he died because of his second attack.

Astronauts on the Moon: Apollo 16 Mission

On 16th April 1972, Apollo 16 mission happened. The mission ended on 27th April 1972.

Commander: John Young. 

Lunar Module Pilot: Charles Duke

Command Module Pilot: Ken Mattingly John

Astronauts on the Moon: John Young and Charles Duke

John Watts Young (24th September 1930 –5th January 2018) joined NASA in 1962. Before that, he was in the Navy. This talented man completed six space missions with pride. Besides, the aeronautical engineer studied geology as preparation for the great purpose.

The tenth moonwalker is Charles Duke (3rd October 1935). He received his degree in Naval Science and worked in the Navy later. In 1966, NASA chose him for the 5th group of astronauts. This living person is the youngest person among the moonwalkers.


Astronauts on the Moon: Apollo 17 Mission

Apollo 17 Mission occurred on 7th December 1972 and ended on 19th December 1972. The crew members carried five mice with them. Those were the part of a biological experiment.

Commander: Eugene Cernan

Lunar Module Pilot: Harrison Schmitt

Command Module Pilot: Ronald Evans


Astronauts on the Moon: Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt

Gene Cernan (14th March 1934 – 16th January 2017) was the last moonwalker. He earned a degree in electrical engineering in 1956. After that, in 1963, Gene completed a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering. He worked for Navy and started his NASA career in 1963. Gene became a businessman after retirement.

Dr. Harrison Schmitt was born on 3rd July 1935. He was an American geologist. In 1965, Schmitt joined the first group of scientist-astronauts of NASA. In the entire Apollo program, he was the second youngest person. Again, He was the second the last person walked on the Moon’s surface.

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