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12 diseases from a mosquito bite

In recent times Chikungunya has become the talk of the country. But this small creature can be the source of many other diseases. In this report we will show which diseases spread from a mosquito bite.
Eastern Equine Encephalitis
This one is popular in the US. States like Florida, Georgia, and New Jersey face the outbreak of this disease mostly. Those who suffer from these disease, one third of them dies. There is no remedy of this disease.
Venezuela Equine Encephalitis
This is exactly the same as the Eastern Equine Encephalitis. But this disease hampers the pregnant mothers the most. Due to this disease premature abortion can take place. It is widely popular in Southern and Mid America.
In recent years, this one has made to the dangerous list. Due to this virus people suffer from Zica fever. The symptoms are – fever, headache, dullness, joint pain, muscle pain, red marks on the body etc. The infant in the womb suffers the most from this virus. They are born with a smaller head. This virus is rare in our country.
West Nile Virus
The patient of this virus suffers from nerve weakness. The most horrifying fact of this disease is that it happens without any prior symptom. So the patient can’t understand that he has become the prey.
The tropical countries are a favorite place of this virus. Like Zica or Chikungunya, this virus is also spread from female adis. High fever, severe headache, pain in the occipital lobe, muscle and joint pain, rashes, vomiting tendency are the symptoms of this disease. It can even be deadly.
Western Equine Encephalitis
It happens from Kiulex. Fever, headache, and vomiting tendency are the symptoms of this disease. Older people are more vulnerable to this disease. US is first to be suffered from this disease. But from 1964 to present, only 700 cases are found.

Its outbreak was first happened in Africa but now South Asia is also facing this problem. The mosquitoes bearing the virus of Dengue and Zica also carry this virus. The symptoms are similar to Dengue. There is no remedy for this disease.
Yellow Fever
The symptoms are exactly like Jaundice. The whole body gets yellowish and there is a high fever and a vomiting tendency. Africa faces this disease mostly.
Lymphatic Phyleriasis
This one is less reputed, but deadly nonetheless. It is similar to Phyleria in which the legs get swelled. Africa, South America, and the Western side of the Pacific are the worst sufferers of this disease.
Japanese Encephalitis
This is another disease spread by Kiulex. This mosquito is born in the wasteland and agro land. It attacks your central nervous system. Fever, headache, and vomiting tendency is common. Asia and the Western Pacific areas are the worst sufferers.
St. Lewis Encephalitis
This is yet another disease spread by Kiulex. The western US faces this problem the most. Symptoms are fever, headache, and vomiting tendency. The sufferer can become senseless for a couple of days if the fever gets high. Older people are more vulnerable than infants. There is no remedy for this disease.
Lacrosse Encephalitis
The mosquitoes that are born in the woods spread this disease. Though there is a chance for the older people to suffer from this disease, the young ones under 16 are most vulnerable. The southern part of the Atlantic faces this problem the most. Symptoms include fever and vomiting tendency. And if someone suffers for a long time, he may get crippled.

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