Brazil’s mysterious banned place

Brazil’s mysterious banned place

Brazil’s mysterious banned place

The vast area of Brazil’s Amazon jungle across 77,000 square kilometers is completely banned for the outside world for an indefinite period. Why? That is also a weird event. Amazon Rainforest is a huge natural jungle. Its expansion is about two billion square kilometers. There are about 11 countries spread across the vast jungle. This could be called a country if the whole jungle, then it would be the ninth-largest country in the world.

The Amazon forest is mysterious, all areas where you cannot even imagine what it might be. One such area is the Valley Do Jawarie Reservations. It is understood from the name of a protected area, right in tackles. Some local indigenous villages in the area have been found who have no idea of the outside world. They still have been the ancient people, thoughts, culture, and customs of the ancient world, including all of the right things, they are still stuck. Their area is in the Brazilian part of Amazon.

Almost fourteen chapters of the sky can be seen from the survey conducted for the life of the village is entirely dependent on agriculture and the Amazon jungle. Their life is not totally free from external influences,, and the culture of this vast area of the protected areas in Brazil announced it with outsiders has been forbidden to enter. These people still have no idea how the world has changed in the last hundred years. They are still working on the old-fashioned methods of agriculture, river raft and swept Canoe Fishing and hunting animals from the Amazon jungle has passed by.

Occasionally, observations were conducted secretly from the sky and from afar. These images are available from there. One of these obstacles may not be a blessing or a curse of modern man and modern touch them. They should remain as long as they do—primitive simplicity.

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