• Tuesday , 2 June 2020

The foods that make you stronger physically

foods that make you stronger
Nowadays, most of the males are suffering from less attraction to mate. Their food habit has a considerable impact on this. Medicines with side effects and other psychological treatments have become out of date for treating this problem. Today your diet plan can make you stronger. And this is pretty important to make your married life better. Because most of the time, we can see that less physical interaction is leading to poor conjugal life. So if you become aware of the problem, you can avert all these tensions between you, and a balanced diet is enough for that. Here’s a list of food that foods that make you stronger.

Chocolate :

It contains Phenilethimaline and Serotonin. These two are even present in our brains. These can increase the excitement during sex, and the PEA mixed with Anandamaide helps you to get an orgasm.

Banana :

It contains Vitamins A, B, C, and Potassium. Vitamin B and Potassium increase your male juice. It also contains Bromalian that increases our testosterone. Moreover, it contains sugar that keeps you energized for long sex.

Beef :

Beef contains a lot of zinc in it. If you have shoulder beef and leg beef, it will contain less fat and more zinc. Every 100 grams of this meat contains 10 milligrams of zinc.

Fruits containing Vitamin C :

If you want to keep good health, eat a lot of fruit daily. Grapes, Oranges, Watermelons, Peaches, etc. can increase your physical strength. Research has shown that if a male eats 200 milligrams of vitamin C, his sperm quality gets better. Watermelon is the best for this purpose. That’s why it is compared with Viagra.

Eggs :

These are very good for removing your tiredness. Eat a boiled egg everyday morning. This will solve your weakness.

Milk :

Dairy products and animal fat can increase your sex power. If you want to increase the number of sex hormones in your body, you should eat more dairy products like milk, butter, etc.

Honey :

Honey is the best therapy for a weak body. Mic one teaspoon of honey with a glass of warm water and drink it ¾ times in a week.


If you have a physical problem, start eating garlic soon. It contains Elicin that increases the blood flow in every nerve.

Coffee :

Coffee can increase your sex attraction. It contains caffeine that holds your mood.
Joyful :
Research shows that it releases a sex-increasing ingredient. This ingredient increases your sexual ability. You can have joyful with coffee. Foods that decrease your physical strength
Alcohol :
A little alcohol can increase your sexual urge, but if you take alcohol too much, it will affect your physical strength badly. It can lead to problems like erectile problems, no orgasm, and weakness at the start. Moreover, alcohol and rich foods make you dizzy all the time, so you won’t feel any urge.
Soybeans contain Sitoestrogen that disturbs the hormones in males and females. Research has shown that those who consume soy products have a lesser urge to mate. It also decreases the amount of sperm.
Pudina Leaf :
It is renowned for its smell. But it’s not good for the health. It decreases the testosterone in your body. So don’t eat this leaf. Rather eat ginger.
Coffee :
While having coffee can increase your sexual urge, having too much can negatively impact on your kidney and thyroid.
Cheese :
Having too much cheese lessens estrogen in your body, leading to a low sexual urge. It can affect your physical strength also.




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