Brazil has freed Neymar


A court in Brazil has freed Neymar from the case of due income tax return. Neymar’s father said, “This case has ended officially.” An accusation has been made against Neymar that he didn’t pay his income tax when he left Santos for Spain. He was fined 56.7 million pounds as he hid about contracts with the two clubs and his sponsors during 2011-14. Messi was accused of the same guilt. He was sentenced to jail time, but in the end, he gave a fine to remain free.
But Neymar has nothing to do in Brazil because the accusation against him not proved. His father said, “Being free form the accusation of the Federal Public Ministry is a big relief to us. It proves that we followed every step of the law.”
He even said with a tone of complaint that his family has suffered a lot from this 4-year hassle. And though many had a doubt, we have justice in our country.
Neymar is relieved for one more reason. He is planning to move to PSG in the beginning of the season. Being free from this accusation will help him in the contractual process.

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