• Saturday , 6 June 2020

5 amazing robots


Five amazing robots :

As you know, when we entered into the era of 2000, we have seen many changes in our whole world. Think before 20 years we have not this much internet access YouTube, Facebook, etc.. Now, these items are our daily life-related things. Think about it after 20 years when we will do our daily works with the other. Our robot. Are you feeling shocked? Don’t be. It is true. You know many innovative robots already in the market for your help. Today we want to discuss robots.

Milo Robot :

Meet the robot, Milo. It is manufactured by American humanoid manufacturer Robokind. This robot developed for supporting children who suffer from Autism. Milo is Two feet tall. It has been considered exclusively for parents, therapists, and educators to teach autistic children social skills. It is so helpful for these special children. This robot earned success in his work.

keepon :

Keepon is another robot that specially designed for special children. Keepon was innovated by Hideki Kozima. Keepon has a rubber skin, four motors, a microphone in its nose, and two cameras in its eyes.

Pepper :

Pepper is the first robot that can respond to human emotion. It is a humanoid robot designed by Aldebaran Robotics. It was introduced on 5 June 2014. Pepper is planned to make people glad, improve people’s lives, make easy relationships, have fun with people and attach people with the outside world.

Moley :

Moley is a robot chef. This is the world’s first robot chef. Moley designed by Mark Oleynik. It can cook almost 100 perfect dishes. It also called the first robotic kitchen. The feature of the Moley Robotic Kitchen includes two robotic arms with hands prepared with tangible sensors, an electric stove, an oven, a dishwasher, and a touch screen unit. These fake hands can pick up and work together with most kitchen equipment, such as whisks, blenders, knives.

Honda Asimo :

Asimo is a humanoid robot. It introduced by company Honda in 2000. ASIMO is 130 cm tall and 54 kg in weight. ASIMO has the capability to identify moving objects, gestures, postures, faces and sounds, which enables it to cooperate with humans.

These are the five coolest robots. These are helpful for a human.

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