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The way of decision making


decisson making

The way of decision making


Decision making is the most complicated and important part of our life. As a human being we need to make many decisions in our everyday life and also whole life. There are some small decision and there are many big decision on our life. Today we will introduce some important information about decision making. It will make your life more easy and comfortable. First of all we have to know what is the decision making? It is an action or process of choosing the way of life. That way you want to lead your life. That is the decision making. Sometime we take best and logical decision, but sometime we take decision emotionally, irrational and we take confusion choice. Now I discover why you chose poor way and also some special tips for taking best decision. If you think you are only one the rational person, no this is not true. There are many people here just like you. Almost we all are irrational you know. In a recent research some researchers said that there are a wide range of mental error possibility in this time. In this decades it increase everyday.


I will discuss now some most common mental errors that hamper your best decision making process. These errors occur more frequently in our life. We now disclose how  loss aversion, survivorship bias, anchoring, the availability heuristic,  and confirmation bias are the common barrier of your best decision making. First of all I need to introduce the common mental error of misguide thinking. There are thousands of psychology studies proven that we can not decide the importance of the work and time. We give most effort on those events thats are not important or those can easily recall, but we are not giving importance which are not can be easily recall. We also underestimate the events which we have trouble to recalling. These are hamper your decision making process. This mistake refer as illusory correlation as the language of Psychologists . Now I will tell you a simple and special tips that you can use for tracking your hidden assumptions and also make best decision.

There are research say that our brain always love to care about our present not our future. Its call Procrastinate. If you want to remove this and make better and long term decision. You should invest your present for your betterment of future. The special way of improve your decision making skill is the learning of mental models. This is a framework that helps you to understand why the things works like the way it does. Each model can help you to clear the concept of the things and way of thinking of the problems and dilemma of our life. The another think is the margin of safety. You should always keep a safety capacity and portion on your life. It will help you for betterment of your next decision making. You should think about your success. The way of life that you actually want to lead. These thinking will develop your decision making capacity. Another interesting thing is you should think about the dangerous points of your life. If you think it, if it will come to your life you will be prepare for it. These will help you for mental development of thinking. It will help you manage your failures. Never underestimate yourself. If you take a decision always think this will be the best one. If it was not try to work on it and make better. These are the way of thinking and tips for your better life.

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