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The best life hacks

best life hacks

The best life hacks

Nowadays we lead so busy life. We have not much time for our daily works. There are many problems in our daily life, we can solve these easily with some easy and simple life hacks. These hacks can change your daily life and be helpful to saving the time.

Use the cricket ball as towel keeper or pen keeper
If you stay on a small house your small important things unable to finding when these need. You can use your cricket ball for keeping them organized. Cut the ball in the middle. it will look like mouth. If you want to decorate it give this two eyes and one nose with your marker pen. Then pin it to you was. Use it as towel keeper, pen keeper or small important things keeper.

Clean your mirror with the blow dryer
Many time we see our bathroom mirror become foggy, unclear. The easy way of cleaning it that use your blow dryer. It will be full clean. Use the hot air then clean it with clean cloth. You can also use paper for cleaning it.

Use lemon for cleaning
Lemon is so powerful cleaner you know. If your steal sink is getting dirty day by day you can use lemon for cleaning. It has acid it can clean the steal made things very easily. Another thing is if your pot burned you can use lemon. boil lemon with water on that pot. It will be easy to clean the pot.

Dents fixing in wood furniture or doors
You surprised, am I right? But this is true that you can fixed your furniture dent. Keep a wet cloth in the damaged area or you can also use tissue for it. Then use iron, heat iron over it. You can test it now. It is so easy and amazing hack.

Now I want to share some special tricks. You can use your colorful nail polish to recognize your key. There may be keys are same in looking. You can color the keys in various color. use fork for Oreo so that your fingers do not get messy when you dip your Oreo in milk. Put your straw through the tab to keep it from rising out of your drink. Use straw to removing the stem from your favorite strawberries. It is so easy. You can use pineapple juice for removing your colds. It is almost five times more effective than cough syrup. Many we see that marker ink spoiled our cloths, wall, wood, carpet, furniture, white board, ceramic or class. The hardest thing is removing permanent marker ink. Removing from cloth spot you can use hand sanitizer. For walls use toothpaste or hairspray. For wood use rubbing alcohol, for carpet use white vinegar, for furniture use milk, for white board use dry erase marker or pencil rubber eraser and for ceramic or glass can use toothpaste or baking soda.

For cleaning your blander use soap and water. Then whirl it. It will more easy to clean. Use paper clip for don’t sticking your tap after using it.

These are the most usable and simple hacks. You can use it easily.


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