Challenging medical technology revolution

The challenging medical technology revolution

Every year the inventor brings many new revolutions in every sector. The important changes occur in medical technology. This is a very important and useful change for every person. You should know the changes and inventions of this medical technology. Today I introduce five magnificent inventions of 2017. Hopefully, you will like this.

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Qualcomm Tricorder :

Diagnosing patients need depth testing in their everyday life. Now you imagine a moveable, wireless device in the palm of the hand that can monitor and diagnose health conditions. The ending result is this radical innovation in healthcare is ready for use. This is a magnificent invention for the medical term. This device gives a suggestion when the user needs medical support.

Human Head Transplants :

The headline is so shocking. Am I right? You do not believe your eyes. This is true. The doctor could not transplant any animal head before 2017, but in 2017 doctor Sergio Canavero says that it is possible. This transplant was not possible because of the difficulty of connecting the spinal cord. Canavero has recommended improvements in the process using a special blade and polyethylene glycol.

Leadless Pacemakers :

This is a device that sends small electrical impulses to the heart muscle to continue a suitable heart rate or to encourage the lower chambers of the heart. In 2017 a leadless pacemaker was coming which does not need connecting leads or a generator or a making of a surgical pocket on the chest. These are the most general causes of traditional pacemaker complications over the last years. When the leadless device has innovated, there is no swelling under the skin on the chest or leads anchored to the muscle bed.

Advanced Immunotherapies to Treat Cancer :

Cancer is a big disease. The doctor tries to invent new technology for cancer patients. One technology that used cell Immunotherapy. This is also called biologic therapy. This is a type of cancer treatment planned to boost the body’s natural defenses to fight cancer. The American doctor or add new technology with this Immunotherapies. This advanced technology is the use of human T cells as therapeutics to re-use the immune system has the possible to reform the way cancer is treated.

Augmented Reality :

This year, many thinking of doctors is changed. Many doctors spend many valuable times for this innovation. Now a burst through technology has innovated. This technology takes information from CT and MRI scans and transforms them into 3-D holographic images so that doctors can view and cooperate with patient tissues and organs as if they were real physical objects.
These are five important innovations that will help patients soon.

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