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yogurt to lose weight

yogurt to lose weight

Are you a health-conscious person?

Nowadays many of us suffer a lot to lose extra fat. Many people do not know that yogurt helps in this fact. Yogurt is an outcome of bacterial fermentation of milk. So, we can call it a healthy part of the food. Heavy people can intake yogurt to lose weight on regular basis. It also helps to avoid many decreases. 

Health benefits

Yogurt contains several nutrients such as-

  1. Animal protein, 
  2. Vitamin B-2, vitamin B-12,
  3. Calcium,
  4. Phosphorus, 
  5. Magnesium,  
  6. Potassium and etc. 

Nutritionists suggest having yogurt daily or once a week. So, normal-weight people can also eat it as a healthful food.

How does it work for the body?

Helps in weight loss

Yogurt destroys the bad fat of the human body. This milk food boosts your immune system. The good bacteria helps in digestion and thus keeps you in good shape.

Feel less hungry

This low-fat dairy makes you feel full. That is the reason you will eat less often. Thus, you can do your jobs with attention for a long time. Again, there is no chance to intake more calories and get weight fast. Yogurt snacks are also good for health.

Prevent intestinal infection

Yogurt helps you to keep away from intestinal infections. It fights colon cancer, diarrhea, constipation, and many other diseases. This food also protects you from other intestinal disorders. That is why do not forget to keep yogurt in your diet chart.

Good for bones

Yogurt is very good for human bones. Its calcium makes your bones stronger.

High blood pressure

If you take yogurt daily, it helps to throw the sodium out of your body. Thus you can feel a balance in your blood pressure. But, high-fat dairies cause high blood pressure.

Prevent vaginal infections

Women often suffer from these kinds of infections. Diabetic patients are common victims of it. Yogurt with active cultures can cause a decrease in vaginal infections. These have healing properties. The normal vaginal pH is 4.0-4.5. Regular eating of yogurt can maintain this balance.

How many types of yogurt are there?

Every region of the world has a different kind of yogurt. The making process, tastes, and health benefits are different. Some popular types are-

Plain yogurt- This natural yogurt has a simple texture. Bakers often use it to bake cakes. It has no flavor. 

Greek yogurt- It is the same as regular yogurt but thick a little bit.  It tastes sour. You can eat this fresh food as raw. People also call it Labneh. This food is good for your gut health.

Frozen yogurt- 

The basic ingredients and texture of it are the same as ice-cream. But, it contains a healthful replacement for ice-cream. Again, some frozen yogurt contains sugar a lot.Frozen yogurt

Vegan yogurt- It is best for people with a lactose intolerance problem. It causes good blood circulation. Examples are-

  • Coconut milk- Coconut milk yogurt is very creamy. It contains low sugar and much antioxidant.
  • Soy yogurt- Soy milk contains less cholesterol and saturated fat. It also contains protein and calcium.

Icelandic-style or Skyr yogurt- Iceland is the birth country of it. This is a popular snack for yogurt lovers. Skyr provides common health benefits as same as other yogurts. 

How to choose and use yogurt for your diet?

Low-fat and non-fat yogurts are necessary to lose weight. You should check and read the labels of yogurt packets first. It helps to know the sugar label, ingredients, flavor, etc. Anyone can eat these types at night also. Makers use only 2% milk to make less-fat yogurts. Zero-fat one contains no fat without any doubt. Besides, dairy products increase the risk of heart diseases. So, you should remember these things.

Some way of eating yogurt-

Yogurt snack- 

You can mix nuts or flaxseeds with yogurt and make a snack. You can also choose fruits and cereal with yogurt for breakfast. It is very simple and healthy. Again, at the office, anyone can choose to have these snacks any-time.

yougart snack

Dessert- Instead of ice-cream anyone can make a dessert using non-dairy yogurt. Without milk and sugar, these desserts taste good.

Drink- You can do diet and drink lassi and smoothies also. Low-fat yogurts do not contain saturated fat and bad calories. So, feel free to enjoy these drinks. 

Salad- Nutritionists suggest different types of salads for heavy people. During the diet, they can mix fat-free yogurt with their salads. Daily intakes of these salads will provide minerals, vitamins, and proteins. 

Decoration- To decorate foods we sometimes use sour cream. But, it is unhealthy. Plain yogurt goes well in these types of decorations.

Yogurt in recipes- Different kinds of yogurts are available around us. You can choose your type of healthy one and use it in recipes. For example, you can avoid butter and use yogurt to bake cakes. This way anyone can enjoy healthy foods.

Make yogurt at home- The best way to enjoy fresh yogurt is to make it at home. It goes without mentioning that the best ingredients produce the best quality product. There are several ways to make yogurt. A simple recipe is- 

At first, you have to heat the milk to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Then cool the milk to 112-115 degrees Fahrenheit. This time you can add any yogurt starter that is the good bacteria. But, you can also use pre-made yogurt here. Now, you have to stir and mix the starter with the milk well. After that, pour it into jars and leave it for 7-9 hours at normal temperature. The last step is to keep the jars in the fridge to chill and set.

Downsides of yogurt

Not all types of yogurts and yogurt flavored food are good. Some bad facts are-

  • Yogurts with artificial sweeteners, high amounts of sugar, or unnecessary ingredients are unhealthy.
  • Foods that contain yogurt flavors or coats are not real always. These are bad for the body.
  • Some studies also claim about regular containing of yogurt have an impact on the body or not. More researches need on this topic.

In actuality, there are no serious disadvantages of intaking regular yogurts. Everybody should focus on the good facts of it. Without hesitation, health-conscious people can choose yogurt to lose weight


Makes you stronger

Yogurt contains too many ingredients to protect you from diseases. It makes you stronger. Research says that if you eat yogurt, it will make and keep your body secure, freeing you from conditions.





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