• Saturday , 16 January 2021

Yamaha opened three-wheeled motorcycle

Yamaha opened three-wheeled

Yamaha opened a three-wheeled motorcycle

Are you seeing a Three-wheeler motorcycle ever? Many have probably not seen it. You might have heard of the three-wheeler motorcycle, maybe. It is strange to see! Japan’s famous automobile maker Yamaha unveils a three-wheeled motorcycle. This cycling cycle is now a discussion topic in the cyber world! Yamaha named these three-wheeled motorcycles ‘Nickens.’ In the Japanese language,’ Ni’ means two. ‘Kens’ means sword. That means the Japanese will recognize this three-wheeler as two swords. It’s a sports gamer bike.

Yamaha opened a three-wheeled motorcycle

They recently held in Japan’s capital Tokyo, the ’45th Annual Tokyo Motor Show ‘. Three wheels Yamaha Lining has used multi-wheeler technology to build the bike.
Yamaha claims that this three-wheeled bike is ideal for cornering. The price of this bike is very high in the triple-cylinder engine. It is expected that it will be shown at the EICMA show in Italy soon.



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