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Details scenario of this FIFA world cup 2018

The world cup is the most used word at this moment. I know all of you are watching all the matches as well as support your favorite team. Today I want to share with you the details scenario of this FIFA world cup 2018. You can find all the updates here together till now. You all know that this world Cup is ongoing in Russia. This is the 21st world cup. It started on 14th June, and the Final match will be held on 15th July 2018. Another Interesting thing is that this is the first world cup that is held in Eastern Europe and it also takes place in two continents Europe and Asia. You know the estimated cost of this World cup is $14.2 billion. The highest budget ever.

In this world cup,

the new thing added that is video assistant referees (VARs). A total of 64 matches will be played in 12 venues located in 11 cities. Now the time of the original vision of this world Cup. In this world, a cup total of 32 teams is qualified for the main tournament. There 31 are qualified by qualified competition, and another is the host country. All the teams divided into 8 groups.

We already see the groups matches as well. From the group stage, the most highlighted matches are from Group A, The host country Russia played against Saudi Arabia. They made five goals again in Saudi Arabia. An interesting matter is the host country never lost in any of the 21st edition of the World cup. In the 2nd Match, Egypt and Uruguay played a very sophisticated match. Here Uruguay made one goal. Jose Gimenez made the winning goal in the 90th minute.

Another most interesting match happened in the match between Portugal and Spain. That was a draw. They both made 3- 3 goals as well as. Then came the match between Brazil and Switzerland they made a draw of 1- 1. The last match of the 1st group stage played Poland and Colombia. Colombia made three goals. In 2nd group, the most highlighted games are Russia made three goals against Egypt, Portugal made one against Morocco, Spain won against Iran, Argentina lost against Croatia, Brazil won against Costa Rica, Germany won by two goals with Sweden, England won by six goals against Panama.

At the 3rd group stage,

the most highlighted matches are Portugal, Iran made a draw by 1 1. Argentina won a game against Nigeria. Brazil Won a game again, Servia. Now comes the most exciting part of World cup 2018. Till today many favorites go back from the round of 16. Here already eight matches held. The first match was between France and Argentina. On this match, one history made, that Argentina was the first team that produced three goals but could not win at all. France made four goals. In the second match, Favorite team Portugal loss the match against Uruguay. Then Spain and Russia played. They played very well; the game went for try baker. Russia won the match.

In the next match,

Croatia won the match against Denmark. After that Brazil, the most favorite team won the match against Mexico with their two fabulous goals. On the other hand, Belgium won against Japan. The matches already remain from the. Two teams will go for Quarter-Final. These are the full summary of this world cup till now. In the next, that means in the quarter-final Uruguay will play against France. Brazil will play against Belgium, Russia against Croatia. Another match is not declared yet.

These are all the summary of the world cup till now. Hopefully, you will like it details scenario of this FIFA world cup 2018.

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