william shakespeare biography

william shakespeare biography

william shakespeare biography [ 1564-1616 ]

William Shakespeare is a wonder in the history of the world. The greatest dramatist of all time—whose creations have been discussed, it is doubtful if even half of them have been about others. But almost nothing is known about his life story. Shakespeare was born in a poor family in the city of Stretford on the banks of the river Avon in Yorkshire, England.

Local church records suggest that he was probably born on April 23, 1564 AD. His father John Shakespeare’s mother was from the Arden family. Shakespeare immortalized the mother’s name in the play ‘ As you like it ‘ . At the age of eighteen, Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway, who was eight years older than him. Within months of their marriage, Annie gave birth to a daughter.

William Shakespeare Biography

Her name is Susanna. Two years later two twins were born. Son Hamlet lived only 1 year. It is heard that he had to do various activities to support the family. Once Sir Thomas killed a deer due to hunger. He fled to London to avoid an arrest warrant. But there is room for doubt as to how far this story is true. But for whatever reason he left Stratford and came to London.

Shakespeare became associated with the professional theater while wandering around in search of work in a completely unfamiliar city. This direct contact with the world of theater made the seed of latent talent in his heart slowly germinate. While editing the play, Shakespeare realized that there was a dearth of good plays suitable for the entertainment of the audience. Perhaps the beginning of his drama writing was due to the need of the stage. Exactly when is difficult to predict.

However, after long research it has been possible to prepare a preliminary list, from which it is assumed that his dramas began in 1591 to 1592. During this time he composed three volumes of his historical drama Henry VI . It can be easily guessed that these are his handiwork in the field of drama writing. Because it does not have the slightest identity of Shakespeare’s talent. Richard III , the play written the following year, is largely improved.

William Shakespeare Biography

One day he who escaped Stratford like a smuggler, bought a large property there. Previously bought a house in London. Shakespeare probably lived in this house till 1610. Then he left for ever the hustle and bustle of London, his beloved stage, and went to Stratford to live a retired life. He did not write anything else in this episode except one play. He died six years later on 23 April 1616 (his fifty-second birthday).

The previous day he went to an invited house and drank a lot of alcohol. He fell seriously ill on the way during the winter night. And Shakespeare did not recover. He left the world forever on his birthday. But the most surprising thing is that he borrowed almost every story from Shakespeare’s plays, creating an extraordinary transition. He has brought the vastness of the sea in a small lake. He is one of the best poets in the world not only as a dramatist but also as a poet. Each of his poems shines with a wonderful poetic light. He wrote two poems and 154 sonnets.

William Shakespeare Biography

Shakespeare’s first poem Venus and Adonis. The physical desire born in the human heart, its expression in literature in the Renaissance Northeast. Carnal desire on the one hand and desire for beauty on the other are embodied in Venus and Adonis. Venus is fascinated by the beauty of the young Adonis. In his youth, the bloody mind wants to get Adonis with his soul. He wants to fulfill the desire of his body. But can a man find complete satisfaction only in a woman’s body? He wants to go wild goat hunting. Venus was surprised. Fear arises in the mind if there is any danger to his beloved, says –

Barah… that when angry

His eyes lit up like a candle

Wherever he goes his long nose

Creates a grave.

If he gets you…

Same as grass produced

Bring out your beauty.

Adonis still wins. Unfortunately, his body was torn apart by the ferocious attack of the wild boar. Ote Venus moaned. All hearts become bloody due to the pain of the death of a loved one.

According to the period of composition, Shakespeare’s plays can be divided into four main categories. The first part spread from 1588 to 1595. The notable plays of this period are Richard Three, Comedy of Errors, Tabbing of the Shrew, Romeo and Juliet.

William Shakespeare Biography

1596 to 1608. His four best tragedies – Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth – were written during this period. In the last phase of the Panchkhani plays, two of them are unfinished, three are finished. Notable among these is The Tempest. In Shakespeare these plays include comedy, historical drama, tragedy, thriller. Comedy – Shakespeare’s notable comedies are Love’s Labour’s Lost, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, The Taming of the Shrew, Comedy of Errors, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Merchant of Venice, Match Ado About Nothing, Twelfth Night, As You Like It. Except for a few of these, all the dramas shine with extraordinary beauty. Each character is alive and full of vitality.

One of Shakespeare’s most famous comedies is The Merchant of Venice .

William Shakespeare Biography

In Shakespeare’s three greatest comedies, human life blossoms into an extraordinary beauty. A wonderful combination of laughter, tears, happiness, sadness and fun has happened in these plays. Those spouses in the drama who have adapted themselves to all conditions, loved others, they are the only ones who have been able to be happy in life. All the heroines of this comedy are ideal characters. They are kind to others. For the latter, they willingly sacrifice their own interests. On the one hand they are compassionate and on the other hand they are intelligent, in Shakespeare’s comedies the male slans to the superiority of the female character.

Julius Caesar is another famous play by Shakespeare. The main characters of this play are Caesar, Brutus and Antony. Julius Caesar, the leader of Rome, returned home after winning the war. Festivals all around. Caesar is also going to join the festival. With friend Antony. Suddenly in the middle of the road a diviner came forward and said to Caesar, March 15th is the day you should be careful. Caesar does not pay attention to the words of divine wisdom. But a group of elite people of the country became jealous of his fame and glory. They continue to provoke Caesar’s dear friend Brutus.

William Shakespeare Biography

This irresistible power of Caesar must be destroyed by any means. Otherwise one day Caesar will turn everyone into slaves. But Brutus did not want to join any conspiracy. But the group of conspirators kept persuading Brutus in various ways. Mentally weak, Brutus finally succumbs helplessly to the will of the conspirators. 15th March is the day of senech session. All members will be present in the Senate on that day. But Calpunia, Caesar’s wife, had repeated nightmares the previous night. Despite his prohibition, the brave Caesar went to the senate, seizing the opportunity, the rebel group pierced Caesar’s body with daggers one after another. Brutus struck last. Seeing the betrayal of a dear friend, Caesar cried, Brutus you too! the

William Shakespeare Biography

The group of conspirators burst into joy at Caesar’s death. Only one burns with vengeance, Antony. Brutus analyzes the reasons for Caesar’s assassination to the public standing in the public street. People were enthralled by his speech. They celebrate Brutus’ victory and forget about Caesar. Antony begins his speech as Brutus leaves. He skillfully arouses the people’s love for Caesar. Proving to them that Caesar was a great man, he was unjustly killed by Brutus and others.

All the people became angry. The group of conspirators fled the country in fear of their lives. But all were killed in the war. In the play of Julius Caesar, Brutus is a traitor who kills, but his conflict, mental weakness, and the end result make us sad.

William Shakespeare Biography

Another famous historical play of his is Antony and Cleopatra. The theme of this play is love. Antony’s love affair with the beautiful Cleopatra. At the beginning of the play, Cleopatra seems to be an ordinary lover, but at the end her self-sacrifice makes her noble.

Tragedy – Shakespeare’s first tragedy Romeo and Juliet. There is no conflict in human life, no pain of failure in the struggle with the surrounding environment. Their family feud is responsible for the tragic end that happened in Romeo and Juliet’s life.

The two families are the Montagues and the Capulets. No one is short on influence and prestige. But there is a fierce dispute between the two families. There are fights all year long. Juliet is the daughter of the Capulet family. There is no comparison in form. A quiet girl. On the other hand, the children of the Montague family are different from everyone else in the Romeo family. One day they met. Fascinated by the form, two young people fall in love. But no one from the two families will accept this love.

William Shakespeare Biography

So goes the secret convergence. But there is an obstacle in the way of reconciliation. Juliet’s marriage was settled elsewhere. A helpless Juliet seeks help from her mentor, the monk Lawrence, to stop the marriage at all costs. Lawrence gives him a vial of medicine. Juliet will fall into a deep sleep under the effect of that medicine. It seems to be dead. It will be like that for forty two hours. He will be buried. Only Romeo will know this incident. When Juliet wakes up, the two flee to Mantua.

On the night of the wedding, Juliet took the medicine, thinking she was dead, and burst into tears. He was buried in his wedding dress.

Unfortunately, the message sent by Laurence does not reach Romeo in time. After hearing the news of Juliet’s death, he went to the grave and committed suicide by taking poison. Meanwhile, Juliet regains consciousness. Unable to contain herself at the sight of her beloved’s death, Juliet picks up Romeo’s dagger and thrusts it into her chest. His dead body falls on top of Romeo.

William Shakespeare Biography

Both the families came to know everything. A family dispute ends with the death of a young man. The love scenes in the play Romeo and Juliet have become charming with Shakespeare’s poetry. Romeo and Juliet has captivated the hearts of people for ages due to the beauty of the language and the dramatic medium.

How tragedies are created from people’s mental weakness is revealed in Shakespeare’s famous tragedy Othello.

Venetian hero Othello. Black Moor. One of the bravest warriors of the country. Desdemona, the beautiful daughter of Brabantio of the Senate, fell in love with him after hearing stories of his bravery. ran away from the house with Otholo. Brabancio also complained to the duke. On the Duke’s orders, Desidemona came in front of everyone and said that she had left the house willingly because she loved Othello. On the other hand Roderigo, a relative of Brabancio, wanted to marry Desdemona. One of Othello’s servants, Iago, knew about his desire. He wanted to be the assistant of the general Othello. But Othello chooses Besio as his assistant by driving him to be Othello’s assistant.

William Shakespeare Biography

At that time, Othello was sent to Cyprus to fight against the Turks. His followers are Desdemona, Besio, Yoga and his wife Emilia.

Othella wins the battle. A festival is held in his honor. As night falls, Othello goes to Desdemona’s bedchamber with Besio in charge of protecting the city. Iago was waiting for this opportunity. Besio makes a false mess by drinking alcohol. Othello fired him for that. Besio broke down in regret. Iago tells him to go and plead with Desdemona. Othello can never forget his wife.

Bessio goes to Desdemona. Secretly, Othello calls Iago and says that the two have a secret love affair. A seed of doubt rises in Othello’s mind. Othello gives Desdemona an enchanted handkerchief. Desdemona never lost that handkerchief from her hands. One day the handkerchief was lost from Desdemona. He picked it up and gave it to Emilia. Iago gave it to Besio. Othello’s suspicions deepened when Desdemona did not see the handkerchief. Along with that, Iago makes Othello’s mind more poisonous. In a fit of rage, Othello strangles the sleeping Desdemona. Then the real truth is revealed. Iago is imprisoned and Othello commits suicide by stabbing himself in the chest. This death of the brave Othello makes all our hearts sad.

William Shakespeare Biography

Another famous play of Shakespeare is Macbeth. Lady Macbeth does not have the glorious form that we see in all the heroines of Shakespeare’s tragedies. Macbeth is a brave hero but mentally weak, so he is driven by his wife’s words. At the instigation of Lady Macbeth, he kills his king. Then took the throne. But in the end, their dying tenacity, indomitable brilliance, poised demeanor, unrelenting spirit fascinates us. There was an ambition behind his every work. There is no touch of meanness there.

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Father just died. Mother married his uncle. Grieving over the death of his father, Hamlet one night saw the ghost of Hamlet’s father while some of his attendants were guarding the castle. Hamlet comes to meet the ghost of his father. The love interest tells him that while he was sleeping in his garden, his own brother (Hamlet’s uncle) poured poison into his ear, which killed him. Let Hamlet avenge this death.

William Shakespeare Biography

Hamlet realizes that his father has been killed. He becomes like a madman. He even treats his beloved Othelia in ways that are against his nature. Unknowingly killed Ophelia’s father Polonius. Ophelia committed suicide due to emotional trauma. And Hamlet begins to be wounded by self-conflict. He not only wants to kill the murderer of his father, he wants to remove all the sins and corruption of the palace. The web of conspiracy spread around. Hamlet’s uncle wants to kill him by using poison but Hamlet’s mother died after drinking the poison. An angry Hamlet kills his uncle with a sword. But he himself was killed by a poisoned knife wound.

Hamlet’s death leads to a painfully deep emotional level.

Final Writings – Shakespeare’s final writings are different from tragedies or comedies. A combination of thrill, melodrama , strange imagination has happened in all these plays. Cymbeline, Winterstell, Tempest are notable.


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