How will you know if you have worms?

Worms in humans: Is it alarming or not?

 Worms are a long narrow soft body without arms and legs. They usually have a blunt head and pointed tail. This tiny creature can live inside the body of a human being and animals for at least 6 weeks. It causes many problems in the human body’s natural way of life and hampers their everyday activities.


When worms grow in number and remain in your body for multiple periods, your health can be dangerous. So, you need proper awareness to get rid of this problem. Here you are going to know about the worms types in the human body. Not only that, but you also will come to know about the primary symptoms of worms, diagnosis, treatment, and home remedies.


Among the worms, roundworms and hookworms are alarming. But flatworms are both beneficial and harmful for the human body. Various types of worms take place in the human body. Among them, the most common one is pinworm or threadworm.


Worm types and symptoms:


  1. Flatworm:

A flatworm is a worm having a soft flattened body. This worm can come from contaminated water with tapeworm eggs or larvae. It can also affect human beings through raw meat, drinks, or food containing tapeworm eggs. It lives in the intestine, where it attaches itself to the intestinal wall. They grow in a segment with the food that you eat. 


Tapeworms or flatworms are looking a bit like ribbons. Their bodies are made up of segments. Each segment is almost the size of a grain of rice. Adult tapeworms can be up to 30 feet.



The symptoms of tapeworms vary according to the size of it. The primary symptoms are the following:-

  • One can detect tapeworm eggs in their stool.
  • Feeling vomiting.
  • Nausea
  • Inflammation
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Weight loss.

These are the core symptoms of tapeworms.


  1. Hookworm:


Hookworm is a worm that usually enters a person’s body through unsanitary soil that contains their larvae. They are a parasitic roundworm that mainly affects lunch, skin, and small intestine. They also cause an infection called helminthiases. 


Those who are poor and don’t maintain proper hygiene and sanitization can become victims of these worms. They can live to your small intestine for years.



If you are healthy, you will possibly not get any symptoms. But still, some people face the symptoms. The first symptom may be itching and rashes. It occurs due to an allergic reaction in the area where larvae enter the skin.

Some other symptoms are including abdominal pain, vomiting, intestinal cramps, nausea, fever, diarrheas, and bloody stool. 


  1. Threadworms:


Threadworms are also known as pinworms. These are tiny parasitic worms that are white and look like a piece of thread. The size may be between 2mm to 30mm. These worms mainly infect the large intestine of humans. They can leave on the human body around 5 to 6 weeks.


When they remain tiny, they can move from the human body to cloths, beds, and other places. They also can move from one body to another through different objects. Mainly they affect the children under 10. Adults also can be affected by this tiny worm. 



This worm mainly occurs due to the unhygienic way of life. There are some symptoms of threadworms. Anal itching mainly comes from threadworms. When they lay eggs around your anas, you start to feel itching problems. Some people also feel irritated in mucus. Sometimes they can be visible in your mucus too. 


A large number of threadworms may cause abdominal pain. Loss of weight and appetite also comes from threadworms.



  1. Roundworms:


Roundworms take place in human feces and are also called nematodes. They are as thick as a pencil and remain round in shape. They produce very quickly, and female roundworms can lay more than 20 0000 eggs. 

it can leave on soil or stool and spread through hand to mouth. These worms also can live in the human intestine for a long time. They also can get into the body through the skin.



Roundworms also come with almost the same symptoms as other worms. One can feel vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain. These worms also can be visible in your stool. Elsewhere, you can feel irregular stool or intestinal blockage due to this problem.


Moreover, the larvae in the lungs can cause cough and other chest problems. Too much of these worms can cause fever and severe infection too.


Worm diagnosis:


The first diagnosis for worms is a blood test. The test is only to detect types of parasites in the body. There are numerous types of test for identifying worms as MRI, CT-scan or x-rays. These tests help to find out any injury caused by a parasite in the organs.


You can perform a tape test to identify worms’ eggs around your anas. If a doctor suspects any worms they attach the tape to your anas to stick the eggs.


Worm treatment:

Some types of worms get disappeared on its own. You don’t need to do anything for curing it. It happens to those who maintain a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. Treatment depends on the type of worms that one has. If you encounter severe issues like blood in the stool, fatigue, or fever, you need to immediately go for a doctor.


For treating common roundworms, medicines such as Albendazole, Levamisole, Ivermectin are prescribed. The doctor also prescribes medicine Mebendazole for a child over one year and adults on a specific condition.

Whipworms also can be cured following the same medicines. Anyone can get rid of these worms from this medicine. But before taking any medicine it is best to consult with your doctor first.


Only medication is the core treatment of such kind of problem. All members of a family need to take medicine at the same time because without showing any symptoms, threadworms pass out eggs from one member to another. So anyone can get infected by this.


How to get rid of worms?


You should maintain proper hygiene to get rid of any worms. Keep yourself clean, especially on your backside. If you keep hygienic, worms do not get a chance to repeatedly lay an egg and which will break the re-infection cycle.


  • Keep clean all your necessary items, especially your bed sheet, room floor, and clothes.
  • Wash your hand after the toilet and before eating.
  • Clean your hand before preparing food.
  • Wash every food before cooking.
  • Avoid scratching at night. Scratching may increase your itching. 
  • Make sure to wear tight underwear or hand gloves to avoid scratching.
  • Ensure proper cleaning after every toilet.
  • Avoid eating raw fish or meat.
  • Be careful about soil. Get rid of soil as much as you can.


Home remedies for worms:

Garlic can help you to kill any existing eggs. It prevents female pinworms from laying eggs.

Coconut carries antibacterial and antiviral properties that may help clear a pinworm infection. Orange vegetables as Carrot also contain a great source of vitamin A that also helpful for preventing worms.


Worms will never affect you if you maintain proper hygiene for you and your children. Hope now you know how to get rid of worms and prevent worms by following some simple rules and regulation.




Often we suffer from stomach aches or headaches. We don’t know what happened. When we go see the doctor, he says you don’t have any problem. Some medicines will cure you. But we feel irritated all day. There may be just one reason behind it – worms. Not only pains in the stomach and head, but the following symptoms will also appear if you have worms:

1. Unrest, tension, exhaustion, and suicidal tendencies
2. Too much likeness no have sweets
3. Blood and Iron deficiency
4. Skin problems
5. Joint and muscle pains
6. Breathing problem
7. Bleeding from gum
8. Drooling during sleep
9. Food allergy
10. Difficulty in the menstrual cycle
11. Tiredness
12. Memory loss

These symptoms will match many people because research is saying that 85% of people have worms in them. So how do you become free of this problem? Let’s have a look:

Raw garlic

It works as an antibiotic. Garlic can destroy 20 types of bacteria and 60 types of fungus. That’s why take fresh garlic daily.


It protects you from cholera, malaria, and TB. Daily consumption of cloves can keep you free from bacteria, viruses, and fungus.


This one is the best option for your stomach problem. Papaya seeds can remove any type of worms. Eat papaya and honey together for best results.


It can help you prevent any digestion related problems. Indigestion, acidity, and stomach infection can be best removed by ginger. So take the juice of raw ginger in an empty bowel.

Cucumber seeds

These are the best options to fight against ribbon worms. Grind the seeds and take one teaspoon daily.


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