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How will you know if you have worms?

Often we suffer from stomach ache or headache. We don’t know what happened. When we go see the doctor he says you don’t have any problem. Some medicines will cure you. But we feel irritated all day. There may be just one reason behind it – worms. Not only pains in stomach and head, the following symptoms will also appear if you have worms:
1. Unrest, tension, exhaustion, and suicidal tendencies
2. Too much likeness no have sweets
3. Blood and Iron deficiency
4. Skin problems
5. Joint and muscle pains
6. Breathing problem
7. Bleeding from gum
8. Drooling while sleep
9. Food allergy
10. Problem in menstrual cycle
11. Tiredness
12. Memory loss
These symptoms will match to many people because a research is saying that 85% of people have worms in them. So how do you become free of this problem? Let’s have a look:
Raw garlic
It works as an antibiotic. Garlic can destroy 20 types of bacteria and 60 types of fungus. That’s why take raw garlic daily.
It protects you from cholera, malaria, and TB. Daily consumption of clove can keep you free from bacteria, virus, and fungus.
This one is the best option for your stomach problem. Papaya seeds can remove any type of worms. Eat papaya and honey together for best results.
It can help you prevent any digestion related problem. Indigestion, acidity, and stomach infection can be best removed by ginger. So take the juice of raw ginger in an empty bowel.

Cucumber seeds
These are the best options to fight against ribbon worms. Grind the seeds and take one tea spoon daily.
Raw turmeric
It works as an antibiotic.

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