1 billion users are using WhatsApp App daily

WhatsApp App

WhatsApp App

The famous call and messaging app WhatsApp has achieved yet another milestone. You will be amazed to know that today at least 1 billion people use this app on a daily basis. Authority is saying that the number of users has increased compared to last year. Recently they have added an option of a status update just as Snapchat. This service is used by 2.5 million people, which alone can throw Snapchat off the trail.

WhatsApp has also informed in a blog that they have 1.3 billion users monthly. Daily 550 billion messages are exchanged in over 60 languages. Almost 1 billion videos and 45 billion images are shared daily. When Facebook had taken over the company back in 2014, its users were only 4.5 billion in a month and 3.5 billion in a day.

After the launch in last year,

this service has been used by 2.5 billion people compared to only 1.6 billion of Snapchat. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has claimed recently that 2 billion people are using Facebook daily, of which 1.3 billion uses one of the tools of social media. Facebook has seen 10 million users in the last quarter, and over 2 billion messages sent via Facebook.

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