What is the connection among Diabetes and Heart Disease?

Diabetes and Heart Disease

Diabetes and Heart Disease?

Now this time, Diabetes and heart disease is a severe health problem. You don’t know that if you have diabetes, then you have a high chance of having heart disease like that, heart attack, or stroke. If people have diabetes also more likely to have a risk factor and also have a chance of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. If you take care of diabetes, then it also takes care of your heart. When you can understand that you have diabetes, then you can protect your heart and health by managing your blood sugar. Not only that blood sugar but also blood pressure and cholesterol. If it does over that time, High blood sugar from diabetes can damage your blood vessels and also the nerves that control your heart. So, if you have longer diabetes, then it is sure that you will develop heart disease.

People have diabetes or pre-diabetes. They have an increased risk of heart disease. It can be heart failure, coronary heart disease, and can be diabetes cardiomyopathy.

1. If you have diabetes, then it is sure that you are also heart disease.

2. If you have diabetes at a younger age,  the ordinary matter is you also develop your heart disease.

3. If you are an adult person, the most common reason for death is heart disease and heart attack. The statistics can be truly surprising, closely two-third of people with diabetes have high blood pressure. The American diabetes association says, having people diabetes two to four times likely to die of heart disease.

In 2017, according to the CDC, related that more than 100 million people in the United States have diabetes or prediabetes.

The connection between diabetes and heart disease

Diabetes and heart disease are connected with a high blood sugar level. When it is over time, the high blood sugar in the bloodstream can destroy the arteries. Fatty material that develops on the inside of these blood containers, atherosclerosis known as. At last, this can block blood flow to the heart and brain. Eminent to heart attack and stroke. The danger of heart disease with diabetes is further lifted if you have a  family story of heart disease. whatever heart disease and diabetes are also a

Same. Cause if you are diabetic patients, you also have enhancing developed heart disease. So don’t disappear. If you can understand that you have diabetes, then you also have a risk factor of heart disease.

What is the common reason for heart disease if I have diabetes?

However, heart disease are closely related. So if you have diabetes, other elements add to your possibilities of expanding heart disease. On the other hand, there are several reasons for heart disease if you have diabetes.


  1. High blood pressure: If you have diabetes, high blood pressure is an ordinary matter. It can strain your heart, increase your risk of heart attack, damage blood vessels, stroke, eye problems, and kidney problems.
  2. Smoking: Smoking can develop heart disease. It also rises in possibilities of developing other long term problems like that, lung disease, also can damage the blood vessels in your leg. Smoking also increases the threat of ulcers and amputations.
  3. Obesity and belly fat: If you are overweight, then it can destroy the ability to manage your diabetes and increase many health problems for obesity involving high blood pressure and heart disease.
  4. Abnormal cholesterol level: Cholesterol is one type of fat that is created by your liver, and it’s found in your blood. There are two kinds of cholesterol in the blood, such as LDL and HDL. LDL frequently called terrible cholesterol. It can develop and impede your blood vessels. High levels of LDL cholesterol increase your risk of developing heart disease.
  5. Family History of diabetes & heart disease: A Family history of heart disease add to your possibilities of creating heart disease. If one or two or more of your family members had a heart attack or heart disease, then you have higher opportunities for developing heart disease.

So, When you can understand that you have diabetes with a heart disease problem, you immediately control it.


    Seven ways to manage both heart disease

If you are a diabetic patient, then you told several periods how important you control your blood sugar levels and to avoid the possible difficulty of diabetes like that, _ nerve dysfunction, kidney disease, vision problems, and heart disease.

But if you have type 2 diabetes, controlling your situation rightly, It means paying awareness for much more than just your high blood sugar. It means that controlling your diabetes and working to relieve your heart disease threat. There are not separate goal_they are nearly related. So, You take a healthy choice for diabetes, which means you make a healthy option for the heart and vice versa.

There is a different way of lifestyle changes you can make to protect not only your heart disease but also manage your diabetes.

Don’t Smoke:

If you are addicted to smoking, it can raise your blood sugar in the short term. Smoking can increase your diabetes complications. Simply, your doctor can help to guide you for your smoking quite, Feldman says.

As indicated by the American Heart Association, It likewise builds the danger of coronary illness. It also damages the blood vessel.

Try to maintain your healthy weight:

Feldman says, losing your weight and getting blood sugar levels is quite good. After you can see reduce in your cholesterol and triglycerides. If you lose weight, your blood pressure is also good.

Eat a heart-healthy diet:

If you follow the heart-healthy diet chart, you can also help you manage your diabetes. You are reducing the high consumption of food like fat, trans fat, salt, and cholesterol. Instead, Just eating high-fiber food or involving full grains, fruits and vegetables.

Controlling your blood pressure level:

Usually, Blood pressure level should be 120/80 or less. Always check your blood pressure to your doctor. And if you have high blood pressure, then immediately talk to your doctor and ask your next step.

Maintain a controlled blood cholesterol level:

LDL (bad) cholesterol level is 100, and HDL (right) cholesterol level is higher 40. But though it is higher, it is better for health. So, maintain your blood cholesterol and stay right.

Take medicine and prevent heart disease:

Medicine is also an essential part of your treatment plan. If your doctor prescribed for your condition, you must follow the drug. This medicine may help you.

Reduce stress:

When you are living with diabetes, Feeling stressed, angry, and sad is an ordinary matter. If you are living with long term stress, then it can lift with blood glucose and blood pressure. If you want to lower your weight, you can try deep breathing, gardening, taking a walk, meditating, doing yoga, doing a hobby, or listening to your favorite music, etc.

Exercise is an incredible method for lessening pressure. Specific techniques, like biofeedback, physiotherapy, can also improve curtail stress. So, Eimer says that if you don’t regularly exercise, You could not reduce your stress.

Having diabetes and developing heart disease, First and foremost, prevention is treatment. If you want to control it, you also change your lifestyle. For example, you are exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet. Maintain your overweight and stop smoking. You also need to control your blood sugar, blood pressure or cholesterol level and take a treat for any heart disease. In complicated cases, When you feel a complicated problem, then you might need surgery or another level of medical treatment for heart disease.

Finally, If you want to develop any critical problem of heart attack, Take medical treatment soon because early treatment can reduce the possibility of destruction to your heart. Also you should be alert and do physical exercise regularly. Because Diet and exercise are the best paths to maintain your blood pressure level and reduce your chance of heart disease.


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