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Best Weight Gain Foods to Eat

Today I will introduce some weight gain food recipes. These foods are amazing in protein, calories. These are the healthiest foods that will help you to achieve your perfect body.

diet plan for weight loss

1.Homemade Protein:         

Homemade Protein Smoothies are the healthiest and tasty drink. These homemade protein smoothies can be a quick way and hugely nutritious to gain weight. It will be the best idea that you make your drinking smoothies at home since outside smoothies are full of sugar and a shortage of nutrients. You can bring in vary the flavor and nutrient content. I will introduce just a few tasty variations. You can try these; hopefully, you will also like it. If you want, you can mix each with 2 cups (470 ml) of milk or an alternative like almond.  Chocolate banana nut shake: need these items for this shake. The ingredients are one banana, 1 1 tablespoons (15 ml) peanut or other nut butter, and scoop chocolate whey protein. Mix these well


2.Oats with banana and milk is a very healthy and tasty recipe for gaining weight fast. In a banana, there are almost 105 calories. In the glass of milk, there are nearly 90 calories, and one bowl of oats 300 calories. The recipe is boiled two glasses of milk and then add one cup of oats to it. After cooking, add chopping banana with it. If you want to increase the taste more, you can combine with it chopped apple, crushed almond. These will give you more energy and flavor.

3.Cottage Cheese made from full-cream milk. It is the perfect decipherable dietary protein for vegetarians. You can add it with your bread to your breakfast. You can also have consumed with pasta. Its whey proteins and casein content tend to supply the body with enough calories to help you gain weight faster.gain weight

4.Egg bread also essential food for gaining weight. The recipe is bringing two eggs to add some sugar to it then soak bread on it. In a fry, the pen adds some oil then fry the bread one by one. In two eggs, there are almost 78 calories.


 A profligate bowl of creamy pasta is the perfect food for gaining weight. Not only is it filling, but it has high carbohydrate content results in better integration of nutrients and remedy in weight gain. If you add cheese with pasta, it gives you more taste and nutrition also.

6.Brown rice with vegetables, an egg is one of the other best food for gaining weight. First of all, you need to boil the rice perfectly. Then chop some of your favorite vegetables. In a frying pan, add four tablespoons of oil. Then fry all the vegetables then add two eggs to it. When it cooks correctly, then add the rice—Cook for some time. In 1 cup of brown rice, there almost 216 calories. so it will prove excellent food for gaining weight.

Some calorie-containing food to increase weight.


food to increase weight

Beef, Fish oil, butter, other oil: A medium beef fat steak has almost 230 calories. You know this is the most calorie-containing food. Oil and butter also contain a high amount of calories. In 1 tablespoon of Butter, there are almost 102 calories. Others, this fish oil, also has many calories. You should take this food to increase your weight.

High-calorie fruits:

Fruits are the healthiest foods in this world. You can gain weight in a great manner with fruits. The most calorie-containing fruits are dry dates, Avocado, Coconut flash, Banana, mango, blueberries. You know 1 cup of Dry dates contains almost 400 calories. You can add it with your milkshake, smoothies. It will give you a great taste in these drinks. Normally fruits contain low calories because they contain lots of water. But dry dates give you the right way for weight. Gaining. Now come to in a matter of Avocado. The avocado contains almost 240 calories in its cup of measurement.

Next on my list will come the name of mango.  In one cup of mango chopping, there are almost 100 calories. It does not only contain calories but also contains vitamins a and c. Then I want to introduce bananas. A single banana contains above than 100 calories in its body. It is cheap and available in the market. Then come the next one is coconut flash. One cup of coconut flash contains 283 calories. The next one is blueberry. It contains 85 calories in one cup.

Whole grains:

Whole grains are the most calorie-containing foods.

  1. In 1/4 cup of rice, there are 160 calories.
  2. In 1/4 cup of Rice,
  3.  1/4 cup of Bulgur Wheat, there are 150 calories.
  4. In 1/4 cup of Faro rice, there are 200 calories.
  5.  1/4 cup of Millet, there are 189 calories.
  6. In 1/4 cup of Oats, Groats, there are 180 calories. These are whole grains that contain the most calories. In one cup of Popcorn, Kernels has 248 calories.Milk, cream, dairy foods:

Milk, cream, dairy foods:

These foods contain a great number of calories. 250 ml of milk contains almost 82 calories. Milk Ice cream, vanilla contains nearly 289 calories in its one cup of measure. The cheese contains nearly 400 calories per 100 gm. Cream cheese contains 342 calories in 100 gm.

These are the most calorie-containing food—this food to increase weight. You can add these foods to your daily meal routine.

Hopefully, you will be getting benefit from them. 


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