• Thursday , 19 November 2020

Is it good to wash vegetables after cutting?


 wash vegetables after cutting

We all love vegetables. There’s nobody who hates it. It is a gift of nature that helps our body to be healthy and disease-free. We know that vegetables contain lots of vitamins. Green vegetables contain vitamin A, the deficiency of which can cause blindness at night. Vitamin B deficiency causes beriberi and infection in your mouth. It also helps to keep your nerves healthy and make your platelets. Vitamin C helps to keep your gums and skin healthy. Vitamin E is known to prevent heart diseases.

As vegetables are a good source of vitamins, let’s know how it should be cooked. Washing the vegetables after cutting is a bad way to cook. You have to wash vegetables before cutting. Don’t chop vegetables into very small pieces and leave them under open air for a long time. Don’t wash the vegetables after boiling either. In this way, the necessary vitamins are washed away, which decreases the nutritional value of vegetables. Boil the vegetables with little water. Then cook it with a little oil under a bit of heat. That way, you can get the best out of it.

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