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Uber the ultimate solution of Your transport

uber solutions

Uber the ultimate solution of Your transport

Uber now a day one of the growing company all of us know the name of this one.  This is not a very new company, but recently raised to become the top prized private startup corporation in the world. It started the journey at 2009. The headquartered of this company in San Francisco, California.  They operate their operations in 633 cities worldwide. The founders of this company Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. Now come to the point really what is it? Is it a transport provider company? Many people have this misconception.  No it is not. It is a technology based company. They just build a app for the drivers and riders.  They just communicate both sides through the app. The app call Uber app. At all they did not provide any car or driver from their driver. They just create communication between both sides.



Uber offers various products types and services. all products of them levels or types are not available in every county.

Trip service levels including

Uber BLACK on the most popular service of them. It deals a black luxury vehicle. Then come special item for kids. It provides a car with a Child Safety seat, Uber Pets that provides pet transport. Now come to Uber POOL, it provides ride sharing service, Low income people can afford it easily. Uber POP provide a compact. Uber SELECT offers car with leather interior. Uber X offers a private ride for maximum 4 passengers. It is most using service of Uber. Another special service is Uber WAV. It provides the car that Wheelchair manageable vehicle for special person. Uber XL offers big car for family tour that includes 6 seats. They also have Uber AUTO for specially in Pakistan. It offers conveyance by auto rickshaw. Uber BOAT available in Istanbul and Beneteau. Not only these cities it also offers this item in many cities in special occasions. Uber Go available in India that provides hatchback car ride. Then Uber Moto it is a ride of motor bike. They also have Uber TAXI service. They also have a special service name Uber EATS. It provides meal delivery service. It provides meal for you from your favorite restaurant in 30 minutes. They also have courier package delivery service. It is available in Chicago.

They have some special offers in their app for rider. They always give many offers for rider. It has also a dynamic pricing model. They calculate the fare based on duration of time, distance and also they calculate a base fare. But fare can vary time of day and the supply and demand of riders. They have various payment method as cash and also card payment. They provide a rider app. Riders can open an account and can call for a trip through the app.

Drivers can register their car in Uber. They have also a app. Those who has car they can be a partner only or they also register their driver with the Uber. For driver they have a Driver app, also for only partner they have partner app.

Uber just want to ensure a comfortable and secured ride for all of their customer.


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