Turned the aircraft into laboratory.


British scientists are monitoring the active volcano in Iceland. That’s why they turned a whole plane into the laboratory. Then, on that plane, scientists from the National Center for Atmospheric Sciences fly around the volcano. They say that this study is to be understood to eradicate volcanic eruption in the future. The BBC has given a detailed report.

Instead of passengers’ seats,

there are various types of equipment installed in the aircraft. During the plane flying in the sky, these experiments were analyzed and analyzed by the aircraft that absorbed the particles from outside. The flying window of this lab can be seen by the active volcano. They are being tested from above. Because in 2010, the volcanic eruption in Iceland caused significant disasters in aviation. That is why this study cannot cause such a situation again. A scientist from the Department of Meteorology, Gurnon Nina Petersen, said, “We can reach different heights.

As a result,

we can measure the kind of conditions in the atmosphere at different levels. ” “We can imagine how these studies behave in these volcanoes. Or can we say that these volcanoes are breathing? “Katola flies with only five hundred meters above the volcano, the laboratory runs. The last eruption occurred in 1918. It is very active, and that is why scientists are very interested in researching it. Professor Steven Mobs, a scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Science, said, “When the eruptions are approaching, the volcano is slightly fluttering.

As a result,

a lot of gas can come out from him. Then it is possible to get a hint about its future eruption. “Scientists say we cannot prevent the eruption of volcanoes. As a result, there will be incidents of the eruption in the future, and this will lead to some disorder in aviation. But when it is, how big it will be – it is possible to make a plan beforehand.

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