tips for better sleep

tips for better sleep

Tips for better sleep

There is some sleeping information. Some sleeping problems are very serious, and some of the problems are relatively low. There is a description of these two difficulties and also some simple tips for better sleeping.

Normally we do not have to think about sleeping. We think it is a natural organ of life. There is a problem if you cannot sleep. In fact, all of us, at some point in time, is interrupted by sleep. This is called insomnia. Sometimes there is insomnia for a few days if we are worried or excited. If we cut it after a few days, we can sleep again normally. Sleep needs to keep our body and mind healthy. If we do not sleep properly for long, we can understand the results.


What is sleep?

We are sleeping in twenty-four hours of the day, when we are not aware of the surroundings around us. There are mainly two sleepers, RemOne fifth of the night; we slept in our sleep. During our sleep, our brain is alert; our muscles relax, our eyes turn around, and we dream. Non-ram During this sleep, our brain is inactive, but the body can move. During this time, the hormones were released, and the body became refreshed by reducing the fatigue of the day.

There are four layers of non-ram sleeping.

1. Sleeping Stage – Muscles relax, heartbeat decreases, body temperature decreases.

2. Light sleep – This stage breaks easily; there is general awareness about the surroundings.

3. ‘Slow Wave Sleep’ – Reduced blood pressure, people are sleeping in the stage or talking at this stage.

4. Dark ‘slow-wave sleep’ – Sleep does not want to break easily. If there is a break, there is no general awareness about the surroundings.

We are sleeping in the night. We have more dreams in the morning. At night we could sleep for a couple of minutes except for a couple of hours. It does not always remember us. We remember that if we are worried, or there is any other difficulty (as if someone else is a nose or if there is a noise outside)

How much sleep do we need?

It mainly depends on our age.  Small children sleep for seventeen hours a day.  If they are a bit bigger, they sleep at eight hours in the night.  Adults usually sleep for seven or eight hours.  If you are older, you need to have the same sleep. But they can usually sleep well, for the first three hours on the first night. Then their sleep breaks easily. At the age of people, people are dreaming less Sleeping varies among people of the same age. Most people sleep for seven or eight hours. A few people are only sufficient to sleep for only three hours. It is not good to sleep regularly for over seven to eight hours. The time we are awake in sleep is quite a long time. So we think we have not slept enough.



What will happen if you do not sleep?

It is normal to feel anxious if you cannot sleep. One half-a-night sleeping will be tired the next day, but it will not hurt you physically or emotionally. But if you cannot sleep several nights, you will see Always feeling tired. During the day, the eyes were sleeping. Difficulty concentrating on meditation.  Difficulty to decide to Feel sad. It can be difficult to drive or run machines. Due to the lack of sleep, our blood pressure increases, weight gain, and the likelihood of diabetes increases.


Difficulty sleeping adults less sleep (insomnia) Whether you are not sleeping or not sleeping enough, the body does not feel nauseous after sleeping. There are many reasons why you should not sleep in our daily lives. More noise in the bedroom or hotter or colder. The bed is not too short or comfortable enough. The pattern of sleeping between you and your spouse is not the same. You do not have a specific routine, or you do not have enough physical work.  There may be difficulty sleeping while eating more. If you are hungry, you may be able to sleep quickly. Cigarettes, alcohol, or caffeine drinks, such as tea or coffee.  Illness, pain, or fever. And some serious reasons are:  Emotional turmoil Difficulty at work Anxiety Grief – may wake up early in the morning and may not sleep again. Always think about everyday matters.


Psychological treatment

Psychological treatment Cognitive Behavior therapy suggests that one kind of treatment works in insomnia. It teaches you to think about the thought that is causing you more anxiety and to cope with your sleep disturbances. Avoid these Wine – Everyone knows that drinking alcohol comes to sleep. But it is hard that you sleep in the middle of the night. If you regularly drink alcohol for sleeping, you will see that gradually increasing the amount of alcohol you get to get the same effect. If you stop drinking regularly and stop drinking alcohol, you will not sleep for two weeks. Liver disease or any drug (such as cocaine, amphetamine, or exaggeration) interferes with sleep.     What can be done manually?

Here are some simple tips that help a lot of people.

Your bed and bedroom are comfortable. It is not too hot or cold, and there are no more sounds. You can sleep right on your bed. If you are stiffer, you have pain on your waist or shoulder, and if you are softer, then the body will not get enough support. It is necessary to switch back to 10 years apart. Exercise. Do not overdo it, but try to walk regularly or swim. The best time to do exercise is today. If you want, you can exercise in mid-afternoon or evening.

After this, sleep disturbances can occur. Relax in bed before bedtime. Some people use aromatherapy. If any thoughts move on your head and you cannot do anything about it, then keep it down. Ask yourself before bedtime that tomorrow I will think about this problem. If you do not sleep, get up and do some relief. Read books, watch TV, or play light music. Go to sleep in the bed if you wake up after a short while.



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