This time, Ronaldo really stood beside the victim of corona


 Ronaldo stood beside the victim of corona

A few days ago. It was heard that Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo converted two of his luxury hotels into a hospital to help patients suffering from coronavirus. However, no evidence here against such a claim. Naturally, Ronaldo’s image drawn to a halt.

But this time,

Ronaldo showed he was nothing less than a good man as a footballer. Cristiano Ronaldo is funding the establishment of three intensive care units at two hospitals in Portugal. Agent Horhe Mendez is helping him with this task. He is also providing money. In Portugal, the two children of this country have come forward to prevent coronavirus outbreak. The duo donated one million euros, which is equivalent to Tk 1.25 million as a Bangladeshi.

A new ICU is added to Santamaria Hospital in Lisbon, Portugal, and two to the San Antonio Hospital in Porto. According to ESPN, these ICU units will be named after the football-related duo. They are none other than Ronaldo and Mendez.ESPN news has been confirmed by the regulatory authorities of the two hospitals through CHLUN. In addition to having all the necessary components in the three ICUs, ten beds are being kept. Until March 27, 26 people have infected with coronavirus in Portugal. Twenty-seven people died. Portugal’s government on Thursday declared a state of emergency to prevent coronavirus infection.

Ronaldo Juventus’ three teammates have been infected with coronavirus so far. Daniel Rugani, Blaise Matuidi, and Paolo DiBalara are in the process of recovery. Ronaldo is no longer in doubt, as he has long been spending a whole day with his family in Quarantine at his home in Madeira, Portugal.Dantele Ferro, president of Santamaria Hospital, said: “Horse Mendez contacted us and informed us of his and Cristiano’s wishes. They are funding for the construction of two new ICUs in our hospital so that the coronavirus can be dealt with. ‘


Paulo Barbosa, head of the San Antonio Hospital in Porto, thanked Ronaldo for his remarkable help to Ronaldo and Mendez. They helped us at a time when the country was asking for their help. ”Meanwhile, Mendez Mendez provided a thousand masks and two million PPE kits to the hospital in San Joao, Porto.



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