The Relation between Hormones and Menopause

hormones and menopause

Is there any link between Hormones and Menopause?

Hormones travel through the blood in the body. In the organs and tissues, hormones work for various purposes. So, for different processes of our organization, there are many hormones. But, sex hormones differ in male and female bodies. In the female body, there is a link between sex hormones and menopause. Again, in male bodies, they cause andropause also. Some functions of hormones are-

  • Growth of body
  • Digestion of foods
  • Maintenance of mood
  • Balance body temperature
  • Maintenance of thirst
  • Keep active sexual role and growth. For example-

The female hormone estrogen helps to show sexual characteristics.

– The Menopausal transition occurs due to menopause hormones.

– Doctors suggest natural progesterone for females.

Hormones and Menopause: What are the Sources of Hormones in the Human Body?

Many endocrine glands release different hormones in the human’s blood. A small amount of these hormones matter a lot for good health. Some primary sources or glands and their hormones include-


This gland and Parathyroid together release T3, T4, Calcitonin, PTH hormones.

T3 is a very active hormone. In actuality, all T4 converts into T3. Tcontrols the tasks of the body’s tissues and cells. Again, Calcitonin regulates the levels of phosphorus and calcium.

Pituitary gland:

It produces GH, TSH, ACTH, FSH, MSH, LH, Prolactin, Oxytocin, Vasopressin. These hormones help in the growth of the human body.


This source produces Thymopoietin. It has effects on our skin. So, our youthful or aged skin both are the results of it. Again, brain cells are also dependent on it.  

Adrenal glands:

The gland release Androgens, Glucocorticoids, Adrenaline, Noradrenaline. These hormones have a connection to our nervous system. They increase heart-beat, blood pressure, and glucose. So, they respond to short-term stress.


Placenta and ovary discharge two hormones. These are common sex hormones include-

  1. Estrogens- It is one of the main menopause hormones. The female reproductive system remains active with the help of it. That also helps in the growth of breasts, pubic hair, maintains bone density.
  2. Progesterone- This is a sex hormone. It helps the uterus to become ready for pregnancy. 

Pineal gland:

It discharges the Melatonin hormone. The first job of this hormone is to control the sleep-wake cycle. But, it also regulates the hormone level, blood pressure, and temperature.


The hormones of this gland act on the liver and blood, They are-

  1. Insulin- This supports the cells to absorb glucose. Thus the cells get energy.
  2. Glucagon- It balances the level of salt and sugar of the human bodies.
  3. Somatostatin.


The hormones of this source include-

  1. Androgens- It regulates the male sexual and reproductive process. In the female body pubic, underarm’s hair growth depends on it. Besides, it regulates the tasks of the liver, bone, kidney, and muscle.
  2. Estradiol- This helps to develop all female characteristics. It maintains and fertilizes eggs inside the ovary.
  3. Inhibin- The task of inhibin is to control FSH secretion. 

Hormones and Menopause around the World

Women from all over the world experience hormonal imbalances. Menopause means the end of the reproductive years of females. But the time-frame, symptoms are not the same everywhere. Researchers think that differences in regions, cultures, genetics, lifestyles are the reasons. Again, there are also many menopause societies around the world. Anyone can get information about any country from those sites. Below are some signs according to regions, studies and experts opinion-

  • In western countries like the US, UK, women notice night sweats and hot flashes. During those special times, these are the common complaints of them. Besides, this culture believes that menopause means ‘The end.’ In the UK, women feel to pee more often during these times too.
  • Asian countries like Japan, females suffer from shoulder stiffness. 
  • Females of Hong Kong face problems in joints and muscles.
  • In India, they don’t get complaints much. But, after menopause, the women of Rajasthan start to go out more often. They find new freedom and enjoy it.
  • Some observers say that in some societies, older women don’t suffer. Because people show respect and believe that aged ladies are very wise, in those societies, the signs of menopause don’t give pain much. 

Hormones and Menopause: Does it occur only in a Woman’s Life?

Hormones and menopause have a link. But, menopause does not only occur in women’s lives; men too experience this. We know it as Male-menopause or Andropause. With growing age, hormonal changes occur in every man’s life. But, not every man notices or suffers that. 

There are some everyday things of menopause and andropause. Those similar signs of aged men and women are-

  • Hot flashes
  • Low energy
  • Night sweats
  • Hair loss
  • Low sex demand
  • Depression
  • Weight gain
  • Changes of mood
  • Panic attack
  • Quick  or slow return to the previous life
  • Lack of confidence
  • Infertility
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Sleep disorders

Besides, there are lots of differences between these two conditions. The dissimilarities are-

Menopause Andropause
  1. After menopause, women can’t get pregnant.
  1. Men can produce sperm and become fathers.
  1. Women experience pre-menopause and post-menopause effects.
  1. Men don’t face these conditions.
  1. Hormonal changes and irregular periods occur during this time. 
  1. They experience slow changes in hormones.
  1. Every woman experiences the same signs.
  1. Andropause has different natures.
  1. Menopause occurs in a fixed time-frame.
  1. It lasts until the end of a man’s life.
  • Levels of estrogen and progesterone drop much.
  • Levels of testosterone drop much.


What are the Treatments of Hormones and Menopause?

 There are several hormonal treatments available now. Both men and women should consult with doctors if they feel the changes. Some hormone replacement therapies for women and men are-

  • Estrogen patch
  • Vaginal and Tropical estrogens
  • Many doctors suggest combination therapies.
  • Natural progesterone:  Pills, suppositors, creams, injections, etc. are examples of it.
  • Again, Testosterone Hormone Therapy is for men. Aged men suffer from a low level of it. But, before the start, they should consult with doctors.

Natural Treatments:

Herbal medicines are suitable for hormonal diseases. Besides, we should follow some rules in our lives include-

  • Sleep timing
  • Proper exercise
  • Avoid excess drinking and smoking.
  • Control anger
  • Healthy diet
  • Yoga



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