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The known unknown things about Facebook


The known unknown things about Facebook


Technology brings worlds people close more and more day by day. We cannot imagine life without technology now. Social medias are the most valuable blessing of technology. Among many of social medias Facebook one of the most popular social media among people. We all have account in Facebook am I right? I know the answer will be yes, but many of us don’t know about many things about Facebook. Today I want to discuss some common and uncommon things about Facebook. This is an American online social media. This social networking service business founded in Menlo Park, California. It was starting the journey on February 4, 2004. The founder of this social media is Mark Zuckerberg. But that time he was not alone, with him many people there as fellow Harvard College students and his roommates Chris Hughes, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, and Andrew McCollum.


You know at the first stage it was only available for Harvard College students. From 2006 it available for who are at least 13 years old.  In 2007 Facebook highlighted for business purpose. That time it had almost 100,000 business pages. Business people trying to highlight their products there. They promoted themselves on Facebook. Because it is the easiest way to reach people. Before 2009 Facebook has no revenue. In 2009 the cash flow become positive. In 2009 it became the most usable social media of the world. In July 2010 Facebook declared they had 500 million users that time. Then in March 2011 they were informed that Facebook was eliminating about 20,000 profiles every day for desecrations such as graphic content, spam, and underage use. They wanted to give efforts to boost cyber security. In June 2011 it declared as most visited website. In 2015 Facebook tried to filter out the wrong contents. At this year in beginning of 2018 Facebook had 2.19 billion monthly active users.

It is not only use for an entertainment purpose it also has many good sides without it. As like now people can arise their voice through Facebook. The poisons of society can be remove by using this site. The concern about wellness of society can spread all over the world. It has a strong economic impact on society. It creates many new entrepreneurs in this society. The businesses can grow all over the world by using this site. But no roses grow without the throne. So Facebook also have many bad impacts on society. It makes people robot day by day.

Another important thing is personal info can be easily spread through Facebook. Facebook account is safe but not so much safe. So sharing the personal details can be harmful. Many people misuse this site. They want to do harm others by using this. Privacy policy should be more and more develop for this site. In many country Facebook is van as like North Korea, Iran, China and also Syria. Because of this is one of the most used social media it should be strong at privacy and others features.

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