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Surprisingly decrease in sales of Apple computer Inc

Surprisingly decrease in sales of Apple computer Inc

Apple Computer Inc is the dream of Steve Jobs. It is formerly known as Apple Computer Inc. This is an international brand that provides customer personal computers, electronics, servers, and computer software. The company has its own retail stores known as Apple Stores.Apple computer

Apple’s core product lines are the iPad tablet computer, iPhone the popular smartphone, iPod portable media players, etc.

In 2007 they launched their most popular and precious product iPhone. The world distorted in meaningful ways. The iPhone would go on to become Apple’s principal money maker. They started their iPhone journey with the iPhone (2007). This is the time of the iPhone 7plus.

This phone released in this year 2017. The first time its renowned phone has been introduced in bright red to aid fund programs that contest HIV and AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. Since it’s the beginning of 2007, Apple has sold approximately 600 million units worldwide. At the beginning of the iPhone era in 2007, it sold 3.7 million.

Then in 2008, it sold almost 13.7 million. In 2009 it sold 25.1 million. Then in 2010, it sold almost 47.3 million units. In 2011 it sold 93.1 million. In 2012 the sold item increased by 135.8 million units. Then in 2013, it sold almost 153.5 million. In 2014 192.7 million products sold. In 2015 231.5 million unit products sold.

You can see the growth rate of selling the products, but every product has a maturity period. In this year, Apple does not continue the growth. Apple reported annual sales that cut down for the first time in 15 years. After the close up of trading, Apple reported that the financial year finishes in September.

The company had sales of $215.6 billion. It made a 7.7 percent turn down from the $233.7 billion it showed a year ago. The company sold 8.9 million iPads, that’s down from 10.3 million, but in line with analyst hope, according to Bernstein. Sales in all countries were ok, except for the main Chinese market.

In that country, Apple’s profits dropped 14 percent to $10.7 billion. The fact iPhone growth has lastly hit the wall. The iPhone market is currently not growing. At all, the apple owner said that they are not disappointed. They hope they will increase their sales through their best performance.

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