• Thursday , 24 October 2019

Smart card printed stuck

Smart_CardIncomplete and incorrect information, but it was full of smart card, hurriedly printed stuck. Information stored in the national database of citizens to scrutiny and amendment as printed cards, has been involved in such a situation. Close behind is going to take the field again, verification of information printed on the card, the Election Commission (EC).

Monday, February 27, incomplete information printed stuck smart card ‘title this information is expressed in a report published in the daily somokal.

2011 names on the electoral roll with photographs taken before those who will be given the opportunity to correct their data, according to the Election Commission (EC) office secretary Mohammad Abdullah. He notices in the media will be published this week. 2011 voters who were before they get a chance to amend the information provided.

EC officials said the office, adding to the car before the horse as the information was not correct to start printing the smart card. EC printed cards began in March last year. Smart card distributed officially opened in October. So far only 80 million cards have been printed.Was distributed in half. Mistakes are caught in the distribution of the card. Mirpur police station area, 9 thousand voters, the data remains incomplete. Almost the same situation in other areas. 9 million voters in the country’s 10 million voters to print cards on 31 December. After this period expires project.

EC secretary Abdullah said yesterday, 31 December to 9 million voters smart card can not be printed. So far, the progress of the work it will take time until April next year.

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