• Wednesday , 27 January 2021

Bad Effects of Sleeping Immediately After Eating

We are sleeping immediately after eating. It’s much harmful to our health. For this reason, We simply say, ‘pillow day and forty at night’ means that after eating in a day, you can roll around a pillow. And after eating at night, we must walk forty steps.sleeping immediately after eating

It helps to make a better sleeping. But various person’s nighttime practices are different. Someone likes to listen to music, spend time with someone, or book after eating. Someone get prepared for sleep. Which of these habits is good for the body, which is unhealthy? There may be disagreements with them. But if at least one job cannot be taken before going to sleep, it may be a serious physical problem. The dietitians think that.

The Daily the Globe and Mail and the Dietitian lazily back says that, do not be awake for more than two hours. If you go to bed after four or five hours after eating, such a severe change occurs in the metabolism rate in the body, so there is a problem with sleep. This causes irritation of the blood pressure and heart disease.

So, the advice of the lazily, if you have to stay awake for a long time after eating, then eat fruits or other easy-to-digested foods. But that does not mean that he is going to sleeping immediately after eating. According to him, after falling asleep, gastrointestinal reflux causes problems like gas, heartburn, or chest infection. Therefore, it is ideal for keeping the distance between one and a half hours of eating.

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