Seven ways to give birthchild

Seven ways to give childbirth

Seven ways to give childbirth

Many people will not find happiness any other thing than give birthchild. It is like a divine feeling. But there are several ways to give birth to a baby or to being a mother. Let’s not know them.

Vaginal delivery The most primitive way of the natural rule is the ‘vaginal delivery’. By this means, the child comes out of the womb with ‘vaginal vagina’. Of course, it will not be correctly told when it will be born properly. Most women give birth in 38 to 41 weeks of pregnancy. The child born in this way is less infectious for infection. But there is a lot of pain during childbirth.

Caesarean section or C-section The fact is that the birth of all the children is not through the vaginal birth. Especially when complications arise during birth, there is a need to bring the child out of through ‘C-section’. That means it occurs by cutting women’s abdomen and cervical skin. Some opted for Caesarean options to avoid pains and to prevent vaginal circulation. Some people believe that if the baby is born with a vagina, then it can have adverse effects on sex life.

Vaginal Birth after Caesarean In the past, it believed that once the child was born through the C-section, then the woman would not be able to give birth to the baby through the natural way. But with the improvement of medical science, this thinking has changed. Vaginal delivery is certainly possible after Caesarean. And in some cases after the birth of a child in Caesarean, there is also a prevalence of various physical complications of women in the long run.

Vector Extraction During a vaginal delivery, due to any reason a child trapped in the Birth Kennel, then he was brought out through a vacuum pump. In this process, a soft, rigid cup is stuck on the head of the baby. Then it was dragged out through the Vacuum.

Four caps Delivery It is also used when complexity occurs during vaginal or standard delivery. In this way, it was quickly taken out of the Bayern Canal by trapping the head of Forecaps’s baby to look like two spoons. Usually, this method is used if the pregnancy is not able to put enough pressure during delivery.

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) For many women, pregnancy is complex. In this case, a modern method of childbirth is IVF.* In this way, the doctor brought out the eggs of the woman through the needle and in the laboratory, she mixed it with sperm. After the birth of the embryo, it inserted into the womb of the woman using the catheter. In some cases, the embryo itself replaced by the mother itself. It is also possible to be a mother through donor egg and urine.

Surrogacy One of the ways in which women are unable to give birth to a child or to be born with children is very risky. One way is to hire a woman or a woman in her womb. In this case, the embryo or sperm is inserted in the uterus of the pregnant woman in the IVF system. Note: The gallery has been built based on information from the Johnson Memorial Health Blog and Women’s Health Magazine.


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