• Friday , 25 September 2020

Use The Banana Peel To Reduce Acne


Reduce Acne

Generally, in oily skin acne, problems are serious. And once acne creates a hole or black spots. To reduce these problems, you can use the banana peel. Besides, this peel can also be used to brighten the skin. Boldsky, a lifestyle-related website, has told to use banana peel to reduce acne and brighten skin.

To remove acne,

Take two spoons of honey in a bowl. Take a clean banana peel—honey, in the white part of the shell. Then put the banana peel in the affected area and rub it lightly. Then quickly wash your face. But do not use it if there are any side effects.

To make the skin shine Take one piece of banana peel, two tablespoons of oatmeal, two tablespoons of sugar, one tablespoon of raw milk. Blend the banana peel in the blender. Put the blended banana peel in a bowl. Mix the other ingredients. Rub this scrape to the face and body.

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