The quick walking effects on the body

quick walking

Quick walking

When Age 40 has passed, sometimes the heart becomes very jam, especially when it is a little faster to walk or to perform normal activities, sometimes fell pressure is on the chest during a walk, and once again, the pressure of the chest decreases in a couple of minutes to become normal. Some try to get a little groin, and when the pressure goes down, the pressure decreases, so he takes gas medicine to treat it as a gas symptom.

At this time, some people try again to break a little bit of movement and also reduce the pressure. So, thinking that this is nothing. If someone works harder if the heartbeat increases or increases the heart rate. As a consequence, the heart dithers slightly, but in this case, when after stop working, the person returned back to a normal position in a short time.


doing the same level of work often does not feel any pain, so it does not seem to be a symptom of a disease. That is why he does not feel the need to take treatment. If someone walks a little faster or steps up or down the stairs, then they feel chest or breathlessness. If these symptoms stop quickly, these symptoms can be cured very quickly. These symptoms are actually the primary signs of heart disease.

In the initial stages of certain conditions and circumstances, the symptoms of heart disease are observed during labor, and after two to three minutes of stop working, the person returns to normal. So many people do not have to take the primary condition seriously and live a normal life. The nature of primary symptoms of heart disease is very complicated because these symptoms are sometimes present and sometimes absent due to the same or similar effort.

If the person is anxious or in tension,

then these symptoms are more noticeable. After eating stomachs in adverse weather, during any other illness such as fever-flux-cough, stomach-bad, or hypertensive patients may increase or decrease in pressure, and if diabetes patients get too much blood sugar or very low, then easily can notice the symptoms that described in heart disease.

If there is a mood swelling, if the mind is happy, the first signs of heart disease are not generally seen. These signs not observed in the empty stomach, beautiful weather, flush-eyed, physical well-being, and after the rest, in general, the same level of effort. In this case, many people think that sometimes such problems are seen as a result of gas; it is not right.

Dr. M Shamsher Ali

Senior Consultant (Pvt.)

Dhaka Medical College Hospital


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