• Thursday , 19 November 2020

You can eat nuts for weight loss

nuts for weight loss

You can eat nuts for weight loss

According to the European Journal of Nutrition, a lifestyle-related website was published in the Health Department of Boldskaya, a report on this. But many people think that by eating almonds’ weight increases. They think that this high-fat diet is not good for those who want to lose weight. However, a recent study rejected the idea.

Recently, as a result of the research, almonds, such as Tropical almond, hazelnut, walnut, pistachios, peanuts, etc. reduce weight and reduce the risk of weight gain. This study was conducted on 373,000 people aged 25 to 70 in 10 European countries. Researchers see, nuts not only lose weight but also reduce the risk of five percent weight gain. Jon Sabbat, inventor and director of Loma Linda University in the United States, said, “eat almond while eating. Put it in a dish in place of animal food.

As a result of the study, it is said that nut is a significant source of energy. These include good quality fat, protein, vitamins, mineral, and phytochemicals. So experts recommend keeping nut in the diet for weight.



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