• Sunday , 15 September 2019

‘Nokia 3310’ is in market

nokia_3310_range_custom-e8706d670f55fd9b3f383f73f5500cf30b0eb79a-s900-c85News Desk: A few weeks ago, they rock the market with the most popular mobile phone market in 3310, Nokia had announced his return. The wait finally ended. Made debut with the corresponding period of 3310 as a new rape trademark cynicism.

From 2000 to 2005 analogue mobile handsets had filled the world ‘Nokia 3310’.

But the beginning of the digital era quietly stopped the market from the Nokia phone. Nokia mobile phone in the world at that time was the exclusive dominion over the world.

Nokia smartphones today, the monopoly area are hidden. Microsoft has already sold over a number of Nokia smartphone brand.

Sbamahimaya reality of the Nokia mobile phone market began to come back to the world-famous “3310” handset.

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Nokia 3310 handset emerged. Old ‘Look and Feel of 3310, a few changes were made to maintain the new’ 3310 ‘handset. The phone will be available in four different colors. Internal memory is 16MB, but the processor and RAM unpublished. This is due to more apps and the operating system will not take the time to full memory. So there is a microSD card slot. It can be used up to 3 GB of memory.

The new “3310-on battery backup so powerful that can be drawn two hours talking. Also, there has been “some new Nokia 3310 Mickey’s famous Snake.

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