• Thursday , 24 October 2019

Nokia 3310 is coming again!

$_3 One of the most famous in the history of mobile phone handsets, Nokia 3310, Nokia will leave the market. The call was open to the then-popular 000 and win the hearts of the set. The phone was simply unparalleled battery life, and a strong body.

According to a report in The Independent, come back with this new handset is going to be the price of 59 pounds. Catching handset battery life, and for the nostalgia buyers back to the market may be more popular, many people believe.

However, it is now time to match the features of the phone will be disappointed too. In addition to talking about the text, there is nothing to be mentioned in this phone-set. To see the time clock, calculator, in addition to the four games in ten reminders. The date of the Snake, to Paris, Space Impact and byanatumi. In addition, the phone will have a way to do nothing. The Nokia 3310 will come back with the same old features, some additions or deductions-be, it is still not clear.

Nokia’s brand is one of the Finnish companies are currently using HM-D Nokia’s old handsets as well as smartphones, to create a new position in the market through the creation of a new form, they are trying to create a market.

Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain, Nokia 3310 will be officially opened. The Nokia 3, 5 and 6, smartphones will be exposed to the same event.

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