How much does Neymar’s father earn in a week?

Neymar is a world-renowned footballer. Spectators wait to see his magic on the turf. Barcelona has seen the potential and bought him. He earns millions of dollars by playing. But interestingly, Neymar’s father’s income is not so low. Though they are father and son, his father is his agent. And this is his only profession. And by doing this, he is going to earn 6.2 billion euros in this coming week.

For too long, there’s a news in the media that Neymar is leaving Barca for PSG. The contract will be made in just one or two days. And this contract will earn Neymar’s father a hefty sum of money. Word has been that tomorrow Neymar’s father is getting the due amount of 2.6 billion euro from Barcelona.

He will get another 3.6 billion euros for Neymar’s contract with PSG. But only Neymar Santos Sr. won’t get this amount. A part of this amount will also go to the Israeli citizen Pini Jadhav because he also has worked for the contract between Neymar and PSG

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