most used smartphone in the world

most used smartphone in the world


most used smartphone in the world

Phone now a day is not only a device; this is much more than a device. It is a part of our life. If you want a buy a new smartphone, this post is for you. The most excellent new phones in 2017 are yet to be announced. Before you improve your current smartphone, read the latest news bulletin on the best latest phones launching this year. We try to give you the best suggestion for your next choice.

iPhone 7 Plus:

In the first position, I want to introduce the world’s best brand phone iPhone. This version called iPhone7 Plus. This is a dual camera and a big-screen phone from Apple. The dimensions are 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3mm. The Screen size is 5.5-inches. The Rear camera is Dual 12MP f/1.8 and front camera 7 MP f/2.2. The Storage is 32/128/256GB. This is one of the gorgeous looking smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S8 :

This is one of the amazingly designed smartphones. The OS of this phone is Android 7.0. The Screen size is 5.8-inches. The front camera is 8 MP f/1.7, and the Rear camera is a 12 MP f/1.7. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the most excellent smartphone in the world right now, the boldness of the brilliant Infinity frame display, which occupies 84 % of the body and advanced guts.

OnePlus 3T :
The most excellent smartphone from a brand name you might not have known of. This is a Low priced, best smartphone. The Rear camera of this phone is 16MP f/2.0, and the Front camera is 6MP f/2.0. The Screen size is 5.5-inches. It has a 3400mAh Battery.

Google  Pixel:

This is renowned for picture lovers. This is one of the best cameras holding a smartphone. The Rear camera is 12.3MP f/2.0, and the Front camera is 8MP f/2.4. It has a Super software collection. The Storage capacity is 32/128GB. The service is very long-lasting.

LG G6 :

LG has, at last, made a good-looking, best smartphone free from gimmicks. It has a large screen and dual camera phone. The Rear camera is Dual 13MP, and the Front camera is 5MP f/2.2. The Storage capacity is 32/64GB. It has a Screen is a 5.7-inch size.

This is a review of the best five smartphones of this year. Now you choose your best one of these five best.

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