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Learn more about heart attack……………

Heart attack

Heart attack is a very dangerous disease if it turns in major attack. Today I am going to share with you all about this disease so that you can prevent this occurrence and can be more aware about it.

Heart attack happen when our heart muscle dead due to lacking of blood supply on the heart. Stopping of blood supply happen for blockage of a coronary artery. This is the great damage of hearts muscles.


Causes of heart attack

The main reason of heart attack is the lacking supply of blood and the blockage of coronary artery.  It happens for many reason. The risk of heart attack increase by over smoking, stress, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes etc.  These reasons increase the risk more and more. Heart attack risk increase after age of 45.


Symptoms of Heart attack

There are many symptoms of heart attack. When any one see these symptoms need to go hospital immediately. The symptoms are

Feeling of pain in heart.

Uncomfortable feeling in chest.

High shortness of breath.

Sweat in the body.

Sudden dizziness.

For some cases patient can not recognize the attack. After days or week, they realize the uncomfortableness.




Types of attack

There are 4 types of heart attack normally happen.


 STEMI (ST segment elevation myocardial infarction)

This is a major type of attack. It happens when the blood circulation totally stops in coronary it became completely block. In this types of attack sufferer feel so pain in the middle of the heart. The pain become so sharp. Patient also can fell breaking out in a cold sweat, shortness of breath, nausea, lightheadedness.



It is minor type of attack. When it happens the coronary may partially block. Patient may feel a minor pain in chest.



It is a silent heart attack. It is not permanent damage of coronary. It happens if the blood circulation may not circulate easily.


If you see these symptoms in any patient need to call doctor immediately. Heart attack is so dangerous. So need to more careful about this disease. Those who has heart problem they should follow these regularly

need to lead a routine life.

Need to leave smoking.

Need to maintain the calorie.

Need to maintain diabetes.

Need to check blood pressure and diabetes every week.

Need to go for medical checkup every month regularly.

Need to more careful about food, regular life style.

A routine life can reduce the risk of this disease. Not only it but also a proper lifestyle can improve your diabetes, blood pressure and others all diseases.




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Tahmina liza

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