latest gadgets you should try

latest gadgets

latest gadgets you should try

No one can deny that technology has turned into an indispensable part of our life. And tech giants also try to bring something new for the people whenever they can. Every year we experience new and cool gadgets thriving in the tech market. Not every device will be useful to you. So, we have come up with some latest tools that can make your life better, more comfortable, and full of entertainment. Without further wandering, let’s get started with today’s topic. 


  • Apple Airpods – Echobeat: Well, Silicon Valley has been the production house for thousands of high tech products. The new addition to the list is Echobeat. The Echobeat from Apple is not only affordable but also tops in terms of quality. Echobeat wireless headphones come up with a great ergonomics without compromising the sound quality. You can easily use this device with BlueTooth technology, which means you can use them while running, climbing, cycling, or just walking around. Echobeat is worth buying. This is one of the latest gadgets in 2020. You cannot afford to get late to buy it. 


  • FIXD: Are you tired of spending money on car repairs? Then this is the one you need desperately. Experts have listed it as top tech gadgets this year. FIXD is a microcar mechanic to help you save money, time, and fortune. Though relatively new to the field of technology, this can save tons of cost you are wasting every year unnecessarily. You also can clarify all doubts about the “check engine” warning that you get at times. You just need to plug it into the diagnostic port of your car. Now this device will surely tell you what problems are going on in a short time. The only con this device has is, it works on the car built after 1996. 
  • DroneX: If you are thinking of starting shooting videos or taking photos with a drone as a beginner, you have to love this. You can grab this at a low price, and the body is quite compact. It is not more than a smartphone in size. So, when are you going to start your photography? Let me assure you that this is one of the cool cheap gadgets that can lift your photography passion. DroneX
  • Xtra-PC: Well, we all have an old PC in our home, doing nothing but occupying a space. Now you can revive that PC. Xtra-PC will spell a new life to your slow PC. You can use this small USB to make your PC faster. This device has an incredibly speedy Linux operating system. It will bypass the slow operating system your PC has now. Just insert Xtra-PC on the USB port and press the restart button of your PC. Now you are ready to go. The most exciting fact about this is you don’t need any technical skills to install this. 
  • Mosquitotron: No one believes any mosquito coil anymore. Because the loop may kill some mosquito, but the harm it does to our body is irreplaceable. So we all want something that is a non-toxic but influential mosquito trap. This high tech gadget can relieve you from the disturbance of mosquito for sure. You, along with your family, can have a safe time at your home. Mosquitotron uses Ultra Violet light to catch mosquitos easily. Then the mosquitos get sucked inside the unit and get killed in the end. 
  • TapNCharge: This is funny, but true that we do not get our charging cable where we left them. Are you fed up with this situation because this is happening to you again and again? Then TapNCharge is there for your rescue. This tiny little wireless charging device is super useful for charging. Just set your phone on it and see. The charging pad will start doing the rest in no time. 
  • Keysmart: It might seem pretty little, but this cool gadget can reduce your stress when it comes to saving your pocket space. If you need to keep a lot of keys with you, you might know how much space they take. If you use this, you can keep your essentials organized without taking too much space. Along with that, your pockets will last longer than now. 
  • iTrack: It is your GPS tracker for your car. iTrack is one of the best new gadgets invented for cars.  It shows you the real-time updates about where your car is. You don’t have to worry about your vehicles getting disappeared any day. You can track that. 
  • SonicX: Ill practice of brushing is the primary source of numerous dental issues. This can lead you to spend your money at the dental specialist. Keep away from this issue later on with the cutting edge in toothbrushes – SonicX Pro. It is multiple times impressive than other electric brushes available. You can say this is the next generation tooth1brush now.
  • Muama: Muama may be the translation helper you have longed for since your childhood. Getting fluent in any foreign language takes commitment and a ton of training. We all know this is going to take extra time to process. So whatever helps to speed up your learning process is of extraordinary benefit. This pocket-sized gadget lets you talk in our local tongue to any non-speakers from anywhere on the planet. The device interprets vocal sentences into the selected language within a short time, empowering disturbance-free reciprocal communication. 
  • Gadget-masseuse: How about getting a personal gadget for body massage? This awesome little gadget can get you relieved from back and neck pain. No need to go to a spa anymore. Just grab this tiny gadget and stop worrying about neck and back pain. Just slip this device on your back and neck and let it work. It will give comfort to your tired muscles. You will have a calm and soothing feeling shortly. 



Technology is always there to make our life easy and comfortable. Though it is not still good to have something to assist in every little work. But there are some cool gadgets to buy that give us fun and sometimes a real help in need. Every year the list gets bigger and better. So, which cooling device you are going to buy this year?  


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