• Thursday , 24 October 2019

The labor policy of Uber is not rational

“I don’t use the taxi app Uber because it is not rationally acceptable to me” – said Long Baily, Shadow Commerce Minister and MP of British Parliament. In an interview on Radio BBC he said that he doesn’t like what Uber does with its drivers.
According to him Uber is exploiting the drivers and he thinks that they should have the permanent job like other labors. But they don’t. Though Uber is saying that the drivers are their own boss.
He says, “I don’t use Uber personally. Because I think it can’t be rationally accepted. But I’m not saying that they can’t change their habits.”
But the San Francisco based company is arguing that these drivers are self-appointed contractors.
Last year an employment court had given a judgment regarding this. The court had ordered Uber to ensure secured employment system for the drivers as they have no job security.
Former Advisor to Tony Blair, Mathew Taylor has published a report on this. He says, “These drivers can be termed as dependent contractors in Britain. This will give them a new identity.”
But Long Baily is suggesting that no new identity will help them. Rather a secured employment should be provided. He says, “I’m not holding any grudge against its users and clients. But I believe in a strong employment opportunity for everyone.”
Uber is saying that millions of people are dependent on Uber for easy transport. Thousands of drivers are earning handsomely with this app. Almost all taxi drivers and personal drivers have changed their fate by using it for decades. When, where, and how will they drive is totally up to them. They have even earned a neat $15 per hour by using Uber.

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