Katrina Kaif teaches cleaning dishes at Quarantine time

Katrina Kaif teaches cleaning dishes 

They do not have the time to spend their time in extreme busyness. Now it is happening. Bollywood stars are not leaving the house for fear of coronavirus. They enjoy the home-locked time. Some are eating; Some are sleeping. Some read books, some play the piano, or some spend time at home with family. Someone goes to the kitchen and is enjoying the kitchen. Not just the fun, the traditional video is teaching the fans how to enjoy the dishes. Such as Katrina Kaif.Katrina Kaif teaches cleaning dishes 

Katrina recently posted a video. The fans have shared a short tutorial on how to wash dishes without wasting water. There she is heard saying, ‘At first I thought whether to wash each dish separately with soap. Then I thought there is a better way. Put all the dishes in the sink together. Then swallow the soap. Then wash the dishes with water. The diameter will save time, and the water will be less expensive. ‘

Usually, after leaving this video, it goes viral on online media. Fans praised his outspoken words in the video. Karthik Aryan also posted a video of cleaning dishes. Not only the fans, but many stars also wrote comments below the post. Actor Arjun Kapoor wrote, ‘I invite you to my house.’

Even in the meantime, one of the comments also said, ‘This is the trick you know today, Katrina! Tea-dealers have been practicing this way for a long time. ‘Earlier, Katrina had posted her work-out video on the roof of the house with Jasmine Karachiwala. She also showed the netizens one by one how to overcome boredom even in this confined state.



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