• Saturday , 16 January 2021

Know these rules to avoid irritation ?


Irritation is a common problem in women. There are too many of us who can’t even rest their hands and feet under a mattress due to irritation. This can happen due to the following reasons:

* Due to pressure on your nerve

* Due to hormone. When women are at their menopause, it can happen too much.

* Due to diabetes. People suffering from diabetes for a long time is seen to have peripheral neuropathy or diabetic neuropathy,

* Due to lack of vitamins and minerals like thiamin, pyridoxine, synocobalsine, calcium and vitamin D.

To do: Please refer to a specialist and find out the real reason for your irritation. Doctors will check your history to find out the reason and give you a solution.


Rheumatoid, Paralysis, and Physiotherapy specialist

Chairman and Chief Consultant

Dhaka City Physiotherapy Hospital

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