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How will completely delete the data on the hard disk

AZssbI4 When the drive is formatted, it deletes the old partitions, and then create a new partition. Long-time operating system drive can not read the data, but the data is actually exists.If for some reason you feel the need to completely destroy the data on the hard disk or hard drive on your old computer or to sell to others, everything is very important to strictly completely removed. So to know how to do it.

1. Software (DBAN)

Darika boots and nuka or DBAN Many know about the software. This is a bootable tool free pricing, which allows the hard disk to delete the data completely.

That is a command line tool that takes DBAN instructed to write, but it is very easy to use. Its job is to replace the hard disk of all dataguloke dataya gibberish. It destroys the old dataguloke into dataya penniless and almost impossible to recover. However, there are several ways to use DBAN ‘atonuka “the easiest way. Atonuka done in three phases, which results in the destruction of data is the standard diode.

How to use DBAN

Http://dban.orgDBAN from the site to download the ISO, then create a bootable pen drive. This DBAN with the pen drive to boot the computer (ie, reboot the computer with the bootable drive from the keyboard by pressing the button to select the F-1) Click .Autonuke the command prompt and press Enter. DBAN then wipe your drive will start automatically and that they are close to three times a penniless and completely overwrite your data will be deleted.

Depending on the size of your hard disk memory to complete this process may take several hours, so at night you may be better for you to start this process. After the end of the third phase of this process, the data on your drive will be completely deleted and unrecoverable.

2. Hardware

If you have less idea about the software and data you want to automate the process of destruction of the process easier for you to be very helpful, special device to remove information on the hard disk (Hard Disk Eraser). However, the price of these devices are not cheap, the price is about 200 dollars.

If your hard disk, but the number is higher, then this device is very useful. To remove the hard drive of the device is very easy to use, simply press the button when the device hard drive, the rest will be done automatically.

3. Dismantling

If you are buying a new computer over the old computer, you can easily destroy the old hard drive. With hammer and nails to hit certain points on the hard disk is a very good way to make sure that in case that the total hard drive has been destroyed.

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