• Monday , 27 January 2020

How to secure your Facebook from hacking

how to secure facebook

How to secure your Facebook from hacking

Now a days Facebook is the most usable app in this world. Maximum people of this world use Facebook. Facebook is so popular app now. People love to share many personal photos, incident with their friends. So the safety of your Facebook account is so important for you. With many Facebook users there are many Facebook hackers as well. Today I want to introduce the most important things, that will help you to prevent hacking of your favorite Facebook account. If like millions you are, Facebook lover, you log in many times in a day from many devices as like your phone, laptop, computer you should be more and more careful. May be there are a chance that you may leave your account without log out. Here we will introduce some tricks to prevent others from accessing your Facebook account.


Update your password with a strong one

Many people use the name of his or herself, or parents, siblings, spouse, his or her birthday as their password. So if hacker is known person, he or she can assume your password easily. So mix two or three important things then create a new password. Also you should use capital and lowercase letters. You should made your password long. Because it is easy to hack the shorter password. If you think you will face trouble to remembering it you should use known phrases, or your special common dialogue it will be innovative and also strong.

Change your password frequently

You should change your password after a break. If you doubt that you leave your Facebook account without logging out from anywhere you should change the password immediately.

Do not make friend everywhere

You should make friend on Facebook very carefully. There are many Facebook hackers. You should not send or accept unknown person’s request. If there are no profile pictures, or fake profile picture you should avoid these account as for your safety. You should not also make friend whom you know use weak passwords. If their acount hacked by hackers, hackers can learn from your account and can send text via the friend’s account to lure you to a malware site.

Please never click any unknown links

If any of your friend post any link on your wall and its look something wrong do not click on it. Their account could be hacked by hackers. So do not click on them. There many links as like auto like on your photos, or know something about you there are many pages like these. Do not press them without knowing full details of these.

Update your personal phone number on your Facebook

Updating personal phone number is one of the best solution of increase your account security on Facebook. Another thing is if you forget your password you can rescuer your account easily by your mobile. For add your personal number to your Facebook account, go should to Account Settings > Mobile and click on Add a Phone. Then you will get a confirmation sms with a code. Then you have entered it then your phone number will update. You can share the number with your friends or also you can hide it.

Avoiding save your password in any of public device

You may log in from your friend’s phone or your office pc. You should not save your Facebook password on any of public device. If you log in from another device always they will show save password. Do not click on yes.

Always try to clean up your browser

Always clean your browser after using any device. Most problematic virus activities are found on torrent sites, or porn sites. Always clean your data so that no one can access to your personal data.

These all are the very important tricks for keeping your Facebook account safe. Hopefully you will like it.

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