How to give up smoking

How to give up smoking

How to give up smoking

We should give up smoking. Because smoking is a bad habit, we all know it. But maybe we do not believe it. You know the shocking news is in the whole population, almost 47% of people take cigarettes. Another thing is 80 % of them are from lower developed and middle developed country people. It was smoking so harmful to health. Almost 70% of lung cancer created by smoking. Many diseases that occur from smoking. I want to share the most critical illnesses that can create in your body.

COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

It is a lung disease that interrupts in breathtaking. It may be the cause of early death and many other critical illnesses.  Another bad news is it is the 3rd order early death cause in the united stated.

Hearts diseases

Smoking directly affects your heart. It may because of blockages and narrowing in arteries, which means blood and oxygen flow to your heartless.


It is another disease that effected by smoking. It interrupts the movement of air in your lungs. These patients do not take a long run or speedy works.


Nowadays, stroke’s main reason is smoking for 90% of people. It happens when blood circulation in brain interrupts and its damage. Smoking is the cause of arteries. And it helps for stroke. Almost 15 types of cancer may anyone will have for smoking. The tumors are Stomach cancer, colon cancer, Pancreatic, cervix, lung, etc. those who smoke much invite these cancers in their body.

Now I want to share some habits that can help you to give up smoking. If you think that you want to live your life more in excellent condition, have to leave the smoking now. I know this is not easy for you. But for you and your family, you have to do it. The main thing is you have to determine it from your side. It is mental preparation. You can create a list that, unfortunately, happens in your body when you smoke. Then go through it every morning. Make a list of why you should give up smoking also. Try to remember them every time. Yoga is another best solution for quitting smoking. Yoga can help you control yourself.

When you feel that you need cigarettes, then you can purchase a gum then eat it. You can also go for mental therapy to a consultant. He or she can give you the motivation to stop it now. Try new things like traveling, gardening, helping others. Do anything good that can provide you with pleasure. Try to hang out with your friends who are nonsmoker most and most. Try to spend more and more time with your family. Stay in a disciplined life. Jogging can be useful for your health and also it will help stop smoking.

In your free time, try to invest your time in your good health. I know it is not possible in one day. You should quit it slowly. In the first week, you need to try to reduce five from your list. Then day by day increase the amount day by day. You should have rewarded yourself for it. Hopefully, these will be helpful for you.

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