how to deal with mental depression

how to deal with mental depression

how to deal with mental depression

Are you felling down? Are you feeling sad all the time? If yes, it is your post. We all trying to keep our body fit. But what about your mental health? You know almost 60% of people of developed country’s people suffering from depression. Depression can occur in your brain for many reasons. Like lacking sleep, bad mental condition, the extra load of works. It is a severe disease.  This illness can have consumed your happiness, your day, your moments. It negatively affects how you feel, how you do, how you react.


Depression consumes all the right thinking. Sometimes we think anxiety is depression, but it is not valid. I want to share some symptoms of depression. Feelings of hopelessness, sadness, tearfulness, emptiness. Inexplicable physical problems, such as headache, back pain. Sleep disturbances like sleeping too much or insomnia. Deficiency of energy and Tiredness, as like even minor tasks, take more effort. Reduced hunger and weight loss or amplified cravings for food and weight gain. Nervousness, worry, or impatience. Feelings of unimportance or guilt, gripping on past failures, or self-blame. Trouble intellectual, concentrating, making decisions, and recalling things. Loss of attention or pleasure in most or all normal activities. Think of suicide. Angry, irritability or frustration, even over small matters.

We can remove depression from our life. I want to share secrets about eliminating depression.

Do yoga every morning? Yoga is so good for your body and mind. If you do yoga regularly, you will see the differences in your day. With this, you should add some exercise every morning. It will create you as a healthy person. Will give you a joyful beginning of the day. When you are starting to rise in the early morning, you will able to see the beauty of nature, a rising sun, singing birds. They will give you a reason for living.

You should maintain a healthy diet. It gives you time to think about yourself. Give some moment to you every day. Working is proper, but extreme operation not good for your mental health. Bring some hours only for you. Love yourself more than others.

When you get time, you should have coffee with your best friend. Increase thing in your hobby list. Another better solution is to go and travel the world. See the unseen things think about nature feel all the moment of life. Spend time with your family more and more. Hug your mother every day. These all the things give you pleasure, and gradually you will be the happiest person in this world.

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