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How to Create your own blog?

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How to Create your own blog?


Are u searching a proper guideline for your own blog? Are u want to open a blog for yourself. If it is yes this is the right  place. Today I will introduce most easiest and special tips for your new blog. There I will introduce all the process that will help you to create your own blog. This is for very beginner people who wants own blog. There are millions of pictures on internet that may be give you wrong direction and lots of confusion. Here we you can find your solution. Lets take a look in your dream project.

First of all you need to pick a platform for blogging. Platform means that the software that you want to use for running your blog. There are many names come as like Wix, Weebly, WordPress, Square space etc.

But if you want my suggestion, my suggestion will be WordPress. This is most easiest way of blogging. It is as easy as you write on email. It gives you your own .com. It has no monthly chare. You just need a domain and host name. It has almost 5000+ themes. You can apply what you want. It can give you the ability to make money. You know there are almost 91% of blog that created from WordPress. Another interesting thing is 65% of top company use this. There are many free blog site, but they can not give you that satisfaction you need. So you should chose the WordPress for your blog.

If you already chose your one, then you have to choose a host. If you chose WordPress your next step will be choose a web hosting service. Hosting means the storing of the files that you created so that they can be visible on web. Without this it will not visible in online. I recommend you the hosting that name Blue host. This is an excellent hosting option. It is so fats. It is One-click WordPress installation. WordPress recommend them. This is not mandatory that you have to use it. You can use another hosting that suitable for WordPress. You should the basic payment plan for your hosting. The basics options are best for beginners.

The third step is deciding a domain name. It is so important one. Domain name is just the address that help people to finding your blog. as like www.yourname.com. I suggest you take the .com. It is most popular and also most usable domain name. You also can use .net or .co etc.  The next level is the setup of WordPress. If you are already completed all the steps then this is the time of logged in WordPress. In the very begging you have to pick a theme. You can select a theme now or you also change it anytime. There you can see many things. As like posts where you can write new one and also can see old one, media there you can check the old  photos and files you’ve uploaded or you can also upload new one, pages you can create static pages , then comments you can manage all the comments that on your writing, then come users here you can create content with others, if you want add them as users, they can edit the blog. The last one is plugins that give you new features for your blog.

Now the main concern will be the blog for your business or for personal use. Don’t worry you can change it whenever you want. Then clicking on option that you have to write your blog name. Then site description will come. Write a brief description that what will introduce from your blog. Then will see they ask you for if you want to update your site. Click on yes button. Then create your homepage on your own choice. Then you have to setup contact Us.

Finally the most fun page is to choose a design.In WordPress the term refers as Themes. There are almost  5,000 FREE options. Then you can start your writing on your own blog.

This is the way that you can apply and create your own one.

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