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Home therapy for allergic rhinitis treatment

allergic rhinitis
Allergic rhinitis is a long term condition, and almost 20% of the US people are affected by it. When you inhale any dust particle or pollen, your immune system overreacts. Your body releases certain chemicals in a reaction that triggers allergic symptoms. There are two types of allergic rhinitis – Seasonal and Perennial. Seasonal rhinitis occurs mostly during autumn when there is a massive amount of tree and grass pollens in the air. But the Perennial rhinitis can happen all year-round. People who have a history of allergy in their family, or have a weaker immune system are more vulnerable to this.

Treatment :

The treatment is divided into two major parts – Preventive and Remedial.

Preventive stage:

If you are concerned enough about your allergic problem, you should take some precautionary measures to keep yourself free from the allergic attack. The TO-DO list includes:

• Control the dust inside your house. Dust it regularly and wash the bed linens in hot water.
• Clean your bathtubs and shower regularly.
• Control pet allergens by limiting them in certain areas.
• Use lightweight bed sheets and curtains.
• Avoid going out in the open when the pollen count is high in the air.

allergic rhinitis

Remedial stage:

Even after doing all these, there is no guarantee that allergens won’t attack you. If so happens, you can do the following things:
• Take 2 cups of warm water and mix one tsp. of salt and a pinch of baking soda with it. Then take in the mixture from one nostril and take it out from the other. Then reverse the technique. Do it a couple of times daily.
• Have some boiling water in a big bowl and add one slice of medicated menthol. Cover your head with a big towel and take the vapor in your nostrils. You can also perform this procedure with ginger.
• If your condition is out of control, please consult with a doctor.


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