Helpful Tips for Brightness Healthy Natural Nails

healthy natural nails

Everybody wants beautiful hands and healthy natural nails. Not only beautiful, but also strong and shiny hand nails bring different levels of beauty. Unnecessarily tall and unattractive nails is not beauty. For beautiful nails, need proper care of nails, keep the right nail cut. As we have to do all the work through our hands, so for the beautiful and healthy natural nails, there needs some extra care. When you focus on extra care for nails. In return, you feel happiness in your personal life.healthy natural nails

Everyone knows about Manicure. However, it can be possible to take care of the nails in your house. Find out some small, but useful tips today. Tips to keep nail polish a long time Many people get upset because their favorite nail polish does not stay a long time. Before panting nail polish, you should apply the vinegar with cotton in your nails. Then use Neal polish. Nail Polish will be nice for a long time. Without that, nail polish is one of the top beauty hacks for girls.

1. Salt-water in order to prevent breaking

nail breaks Nails of many people are broken when it’s getting big. To prevent the breakdown of nails, four teaspoons of salt should be well mixed in one liter of water. In this mixture, keep the nails for 15 minutes and then dry it out. Finally, you have to put a hand cream in hand.

2. Rosewater to improve nail brightness

Nails of many people are absolutely dull. In that case, to bring the brightness of the nails, with 40 ml rosary, 10 ml of glycerin will be mixed with the help of cotton balls to rub the nails.

3. Hand cream to tighten nails

The nails of our hands are ten times thicker than any part of the body! For that reason, after washing hands with soap or hand wash, the nails become very thin and fragile. Typically, pins have broken more than once. To overcome this problem, after every hand washing, you have to use handcuffs. This makes it strong.

4. Use Nail File

When using the Nail file, be aware that the file should be used in only one direction. The best way is to use the paper file. Due to the use of metal files in many cases, it may be harmful to the nails.

5. Use acetone

free Nail polish remover With the use of Nail Polish, the use of Nail Polish Remover will come in handy. However, using nail polish remover makes the nails very fragile. For this reason, before purchasing Nail Polish Remover, always buy ‘Acetone-Free Formula Based Nail Polish Remover.’ This remover is less harmful than other removers.


6. Practice gloves wearing

Those who have to cook gloves are more important for them. Because, for cooking, it is necessary to cut a lot of things, use different types of spices, often need to wash hands. This makes it possible to break hand nails very fast. If there is a habit of working after gloves wearing, then there will be no problems with breaking the nails. Use the base coat before giving nail polish. Sometimes we see after using favorite nail colors; the nails become yellow shade. To prevent this problem, before using nail polish, apply a base coat to the nails. The problem of yellowing will not be created in the nail. Blow-dryer cannot be used to dry nail polish. After painting, nail polish, it is necessary to give some time to dry it. Many people use a blow-dryer for drying nail polish. That should be avoided.


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